YouTube Video Marketing Trends in 2015

By Rich Homer Friday, September 11, 2015
YouTube Video Marketing Trends 2015

YouTube Showing Innovation in the 2015 Video Marketing Trends

Just recently, there has been a report indicating that YouTube is running at a full head of steam with people uploading 300 hrs of video every single minute. What that says is that it presents itself as half of YouTube's time of global viewing. YouTube video marketing has become a real business for countless people across the entire world and a business giant for the platform itself and it continues in this successful direction without even showing the slightest hint of faltering. 2015 so far has shown the power of video marketing and this article will fill you in on what the latest trends are for the cash cow social media extraordinaire.

For starters, one trend that is making waves in the first quarter of 2015 are brilliant YouTube video marketing strategies that are being developed in the promise of being hosted on a domain, instead of how it has been done by strictly producing them for various networks in hopes of it gaining exposure. It is all about garnering the beliefs that it can and will go viral and to stave off that addictive temptation of releasing it widely to the public in the attempts of searching for the largest audience possible.

What we are seeing is that the not always do the most acclaimed videos make their way to YouTube first in the early goings, because there has been some dismal view counts which will most certainly frighten the sharing function. Instead, the trends are positively heading in the favor of publishing on a smaller scale for smaller audiences from those networks which are based entirely on a single niche and the ones that don't put much stock into the merits of view counts. What they are doing is that they are allowing the work to speak for itself and to show that the quality and ultimate success of a video doesn't always have to be based on how massive number of view counts are displayed.

The Tube vs The Book (Youtube vs Facebook)

2015 has been the year where the declaration of battle has been waged by YouTube and Facebook. This war however, has shown elements never been really seen in any corporate war scenario by the fact of both sides winning. It won't be one particular site taking the lead over another because what is specifically in store for these two powerhouses is the implication of integrating both in honor of fulfilling one function.

2015 will open the doorway to transparency, due to the untimely backfire of ad fraud and the moral corruption which took place in 2014. This year is showing the trends shifting in the direction of innovative platforms which showcase mainstream video and as we know, YouTube is always at the forefront of that concept. The two have taken a clear path of opting into a partnership of the most efficient sources of adtech. A new and vital role has been assumed by video analytics, whom will make it a point of enabling a more potent style of reporting.

There is an undeniable new take on the interactivity of video ads which boasts more dynamic and innovative ideas by employing custom and geo-based annotations. YouTube has also opened their financial artery wider for more spending within the ad department and there has also been an increase in the sophistication and functionality of mobile video advertising. Also, more organized and higher efficiency has been put to the test in the way that the channels are operated. A stronger balance between the content and the advertising has been put into full action. We are finally in a new era where the trial and error process is done completely by an effective, certain and intelligent ploy.

How We are Seeing the Ads on YouTube

As stated above, the focal point of the sites ads this year has swiftly been utilized and for that it can be clearly seen through the reality that the ads are 50% longer and also the fact that people are actually staying the course in viewing the ads 50% more of the time Polls have shown that the public has seen over one billion minutes of those ads which are in the top ten and that is precisely 54% more than what the public has viewed in the following years. Those ads that are in the top 10 are 47% longer this year, at which the average running time of the ads clocks in at an epic three minutes.

Still a Force

YouTube remains the clear leader in anything and everything video. It wouldn't be easy to fathom any other corporation overtaking the brilliance and the heady, elevated position of where the much beloved platform stands. Things only look to be get even better for not only YouTube video marketing but for the viewers who religiously sign into the site on a daily basis.

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