Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

By Rich Homer Friday, October 2, 2015
Promoting a brand anywhere on the internet platform can be a difficult task especially if you do not have the smart know how to go about it. For one, promoting your brand requires lots of SEO knowledge and also knowledge on how you can utilize it specifically to suit your brand. There are different types of SEOs and knowing which one will best promote your brand is a great place to start on the road to brand success. With that said, in this particular discussion, we look at how to use Youtube as a tool to get you the success you are aiming for. Below is an insight.

Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

Youtube is the third largest search engine in the world. This high rank grants that it is one of the most popular search engine destination for users out there. In terms of reaching customers, it can mean a whole game change for you. Using Youtube is a smart move, but using it right is an even better move. Through this platform, you can increase your brand’s popularity and get the word out to people in a quick and easy manner. So, how exactly do you use Youtube as a marketing strategy?

#1. Start with a plan

So far, if you have already developed a brand, chances are you know the importance of planning before embarking on any type of project. Building your brand on Youtube requires quite a bit of careful planning. In terms of laying out your blueprint, it is important to put all important aspects of your brand on the table. This is important because it is the basic foundation of what and how your brand is going to sell. In addition, what kind of approach are you going to use? Humor? Serious tone? All this matter and should be considered as you plan out your video.

#2. Get all the equipment

If you are going to use Youtube, a video platform, the creation of the media is important. To make a good video, you need all the right equipment and if you are using humans, you need them too. A good quality camera, tripod, decent shooting location, all the props, properly prepared scripts are just some of the things you need. Depending on your particular brand, equipment needs may vary.

#3. Keep in mind quality is everything.

Quality is synonymous with credibility when doing video marketing. You obviously do not want to put up a bad quality video because appearance is the first impression. When viewers stumble across your video, they are likely to judge it according to quality first and foremost. The first few seconds determine whether the viewer will continue with the video or not. For this reason, you want to make the best quality video that you can. This can make a difference between traffic or no traffic to your video. Using your good quality equipment, utilize quality talent to make the video. The process of shooting and editing are the major focuses on this department. Ensuring that you are making a high quality video entails time spent on organizing editing details. In the end, a good video is a place to start.

#4. Keyword Optimization

If you intend the video to reach your audience, it must have an A game in keyword optimization. Having keyword optimization on your video helps your video in terms how visibility on the search results. If your video has good keyword optimization, it will do better in attracting traffic. To do this, you need to figure out precisely what it is you are promoting and choosing several keywords that are synonymous to the main keyword. Optimization in this case can be done several ways. You can use description optimization, video transcription, and keyword research.

Description optimization is where you include keywords on your video description. However, in doing this, you must keep in mind to use the keyword sparingly because overdoing it may sound unnatural and spammy to viewers. Alternatively, there is video transcription which is your video in written form. This should not be difficult if you went through the planning stage carefully and prepared a written script. Including this on the video helps you reach more viewers such as those who are impaired. Lastly, keyword research is knowing the customer’s mind. In terms of what they search for, you need to find out exactly what they input to reach a certain page. This will help you use more useful and targeted keywords. When potential audience search using the keyword, your video will likely be one of the top showing up because of the relevance of the keyword used.

#5. Use your networks

Networking is one of the most important bits that you cannot forget about. After having your video up and published, you cannot expect results until you are sure it is being viewed. Instead of waiting for viewers to reach you, use your networking prowess to get to your audience. On Youtube, one of the most useful networks you will have is with fellow Youtubers. This is because they are already established. They have the ability to respond and promote your video to their pool of networks. The more the network grows, the more audiences you are reaching.

#6. Be different

Last but not least on the tactics you should have on your campaign is uniqueness. Youtube is becoming increasingly popular and more people are saturating the platform with similar content about the same topics. To survive in such an environment, you need to provide your potential audience with something fresh. Difficult as it may be, creativity is something of a commodity nowadays. Having some unique thought and approach in your video will give your audience something new, and new is exciting. Exciting enough to deliver you more traffic.

When all is said and done, what you want is more exposure of your product. While you may be bombarded with information about the importance of SEO, you need to be a step ahead of the fray to make any sort of meaningful success for your brand. Above are some of the useful tactics you can use to stay ahead of the game.

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