Top 5 Insurance Companies Succeed With Video Marketing

By Rich Homer Saturday, February 18, 2017
Top 5 Insurance Companies Succeed With Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing, insurance companies are often in a very unique position. For one, they don't have any tangible products to sell, and must rely on how to build a stronger relationship with loyal customers-- this will give them the ability to compete against other insurance companies who have already gathered a good number of customers.
The key is, an insurance company should have a strong focus on the basics of an effective marketing strategy.

Moving forward, here's the top 5 insurance companies that succeeded with video marketing:

1. Thai Life Insurance: Unsung Hero

All are probably aware of the fact that charitable acts receive some kind of special reward-- something that no amount of money will be able to buy. Thai Life Insurance took advantage of this fact through their powerful video marketing campaign with a slogan, “Believe in Good.” This reminds people of the benefit they can enjoy by helping others to make the world a better place to live in.

Indeed, the Thais know the best ways on how to capture the people's heart, and this could easily be seen in this commercial.

2. Humana: Grandma Is Way Cool!

Children never cease to amuse the adults, and there's a reason for that. The way they see the world we live in, the way they talk, the things they often do, and many other things related to being a kid. No wonder why most insurance companies have considered featuring kids in their marketing campaign, and Humana has been quite successful in doing that.

In their video marketing ad, a little girl talks about how her grandma makes her very happy and this has melted the hearts of the viewers. Well, one this is for sure, they have chosen the right tactic-- a health insurance should focus on how one can enjoy the wonderful things in life. It's what a lot of people want to hear.

3. Geico and the Flintstones

Between the mass of caveman and gecko commercials, some of the most attention-grabbing Geico commercials have been forgotten. However, this doesn't stop Geico from improving their video marketing strategies, and that's why they thought of featuring the real story of the Flintstones. There was a behind story on how Wilma got her huge necklace, and it was about Fred switching his foot-driven Flintmobile to Geico. Considering the fact that Flintstones is one of the most iconic cartoons, this strategy has been a hit in the market, and a lot of those who have seen it, have considered giving Geico insurance a try.

4. AllState and Kasey Kahne

There's no need to be a fan of NASCAR or have an idea who Kasey Kahne is to find this commercial quite entertaining.

Basically, AllState used a video marketing strategy where women fantasize about what they're going to do with Kahne, but all of these are rated PG. These women are imagining themselves as his assistants, helping him fix up his vehicle, and the like. However, because of these fantasies, one of the ladies ended up crashing Kahne's car.

The AllState ad campaign focuses on what it's like to be distracted, and that's why it's very much important to always have an insurance plan whenever an accident occurred.

5. State Farm: “Magic Jingle Hot Tub

The truth is, a lot of people consider that the insurance coverage of State Farm, is nothing but disappointing. That's why they came up with this video marketing campaign, thinking that it will do the trick, and it sure did. Their video marketing strategy has made people become interested in trying what their agent has to offer, mainly because of how they depicted them in the ad. These agents can magically offer a hot tub, sandwiches, and even your feisty neighbor. Although this isn't really how the whole insurance industry functions, it gives the idea that there's something one of a kind that you can expect from State Farm. If it's not their insurance plans, it's probably the kinds of services they're willing to offer.

Indeed, video marketing is a very powerful that can help a business succeed. However, some utilize it far better than others. The key is, you should learn how to utilize the best video marketing strategies that can help your business stand out amongst its competitors. We hope that these top 5 video marketing ad campaigns have given you an idea on how to make that possible.