The Ultimate Battle of Video Marketing: Facebook vs. Youtube

By Rich Homer Monday, February 20, 2017
Marketing is a huge industry and it has been growing in the past couple of years. Given the amount of technological innovations that have taken place, creator-consumer relationships have deepened due to the closeness technology has allowed between the two. Because the market is growing, there is a lot of uniformity going on in terms of how companies market their products. In recent times, however, video marketing has stepped up as the new “it” factor in marketing. The use of a video has been effective in giving the consumer the information they need about a particular brand in a relatively short time and without all the overwhelming text that comes with other types of marketing strategies.

Facebook vs Youtube Video Marketing

With video marketing, companies must find an appropriate platform to connect with consumers and social media has proven to be the fertile ground in reaching consumers. Video sharing on the internet and on social media has been a popular way to market brands. Considering the number of users on social media, companies are able to connect with potential consumers directly. Two sites that have been especially successful in video marketing have been Facebook and Youtube. Each being used by millions of people worldwide give them the ideal characteristic which any type of marketing looks for. Each having attracted many companies to share their video creation, many are wondering which is better. In this particular discussion, we answer just that question.


Facebook is the most widely used social network site in the world, with over 1 billion users active. This amount of people is pretty much a dream for any marketer because it is numbers advertising is all about. Video advertising and sharing has been making serious strides towards the increase of advertising. In a study by, video sharing has been the leading in the amount of people reached when shared on Facebook. With this in mind, shared videos reach more people on this social platform and in turn, amplify the brand even more.

One thing that makes advertising on Facebook effective and popular is the analytic data that the site contains. When trying to market or advertise any brand, there must be a target group which the message is aimed for. The process of narrowing down the group and finding a way to reach them can be a bit tricky. What Facebook does is make it much simpler for advertisers to aim their videos to an intended audience. Additionally, the social atmosphere of Facebook allows the most important metric measurement for companies in terms of success of the video to take place: interaction. Nowadays, it is no longer just about the numbers, but about starting a conversation and Facebook does an exceptional job in getting users to share, comment, and re-post marketing videos.


The third most popular search engine is home to a million of videos and much more being uploaded each day. Moreover, people watch millions of minutes of videos each day. Youtube has been a popular site because of its video appeal and the variety of videos it contains. For marketers, Youtube is a great platform to share any video about any subject. When done correctly with the correct SEO tactics, it can enable the company to reach anyone and everyone who chooses to search for a particular keyword. This is one reason why Youtube is a contending site when it comes to video marketing. Youtube video marketing is especially popular to companies who are seeking to reach customers worldwide based on their interests. Nowadays, Youtube not only enables consumers to reach to content they need, but also provide suggestions based on the similarity of search terms. In this aspect, Youtube is a useful tool in marketing due to its efficiency in reaching potential consumers, and reaching them accurately due to SEO optimization of keyword searches.

Facebook vs. Youtube video marketing battle

And the winner is…

When it comes down to it, both platforms have diverging and converging points as well as different strengths which companies find attractive. When it comes down to it, both platforms are important in any successful video marketing plan. Facebook having the information helps the narrowing down and makes the reaching of intended consumers much easier, on the other hand, Youtube is a much more diverse niche which requires the customer to search a term in order to find content. In terms of making this work for a company effectively, there must be a plan to use the numbers of views from Youtube as a way to reach consumers and using the community aspect of Facebook enables the company to get people talking about the brand. Use both and you are the winner.

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