Breakthrough online marketing ideas for small business (Part 1)

By Rich Homer Monday, March 6, 2017
Breakthrough marketing online ideas for small business

You are trying to market the company's image, develop online marketing? That is very good, but do you know how to internet marketing without spending a big budget?

If you do not have much cash for marketing budget and you're trying to do online marketing, do not worry because there are many companies have succeeded without spending too much money. To prove that this article will not only share with you the great ideas online marketing does not take much money but also give you that both companies have successfully used these ideas.

1. Comment on blogs, other websites.

One way to implement internet marketing and making your website popular it is commenting on other blogs. To do this, you just need to think and leave a comment on the blog linked to your website, the comment deeply and meaningful.

If people feel your comment in detail and deep they will pay attention to track comments and usually they also click the link to go to the website (When you leave a comment on one blog, usually they will ask URL What is your website?).

Although this technique looks simple, but it is effective, see the case of Mashable, Pete Cashmore made Mashable become the very popular comment on the blog by competing like he TechCrunch start developing it. Indeed, he has left hundreds of comments and now owns the most popular website on the internet.

2. Optimize your website for Search Engine.

Google's search engine on the internet and the most popular in Vietnam dominate, so why not take advantage of it as free online marketing channels or with very low cost but highly effective. Through SEO, your website can rank higher in Google and get many more visitor.

The first way to do SEO is paying for SEO firms, but you know that will be very costly. The first two are self-taught and do your own SEO. By reading the instructions and practice the basic SEO techniques backlink building you will have the opportunity to rank higher in the Search Engine.
Some companies took advantage of SEO is quite good as, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Amazon, and Zappos.

3. Build one blog.

No matter the type of business you're doing is, you can still have an online marketing blog to perform common form today is content marketing. With the company TAKA, blogs have generated about 70% of monthly traffic. The amount of traffic is then converted to a sale unit for receiving and closely then become customers.

If you want to create a blog for your company, you should follow the instructions below:
  • Create a blog on the domain available or example.
  • Write valuable content and PR remember not excessive, ie in the article are not always mentioned products and services company.
  • Create communication process with the community by visitor feedback comments left comments on the blog.

4. Make use of social networking.

The popular social networks like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter is the place you need to take advantage because it focuses too large visitor volume, a channel can not be ignored when making online marketing. Create a profile on the site that would be a very good source of traffic has been and is an opportunity for you to find new customers.

We build profiles on all the major social networks to TAKA and now those sources provide 30% of our monthly traffic. What is the most valuable way of doing this without cost as the other channels? See more hotels in Las Vegas great use of social networking how

By sharing your valuable content found in the surf and join social networks, you can quickly build popularity for your profile. The key is to be patient, it may take 6 months to 1 year prior to your social network profile becomes really popular.

5. Become the other blog authors.

One of the other easy to promote your site is to write blog posts on other blogs. From TechCrunch to The Huffington Post has thousands of popular blog entries on the Internet. And it was inevitable that all want that blog content more valuable.

If you write a blog post on another website it will not only help you in getting traffic, branding, but you'll also get links (backlinks) will help increase the efficiency of SEO.

You can contact the blog popular in the market, your industry to propose guess blog writing.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below! Thanks!
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