Breakthrough marketing online ideas for small business (Part 2)

By Rich Homer Friday, March 10, 2017
Breakthrough marketing online ideas for small business

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In part 2, we continue to learn about how to promote your business using online marketing with low budget. If you have not followed the part 1, you can read it here.

Now, let's follow-up part 2!

6. Case studies

If you have satisfied customers about products and services why not get the case study since. Get the information about your products and services, they have used them and how they get the results back.

Case studies can help build credibility for your company. And get new customers. A renowned company is known for creating the conversion Rate Expert case studies, and through them, they were able to earn a few customers.

Apply with your case please expose customers successful, satisfied with the service you provide to your visitors. That is the solution to build trust with the data and the specific evidence for more new customers.

7. Write a guide for new users

Do you remember the company when not write a white paper? Although they remain effective, a new version of them as "beginner's guide". These guidelines vary in length, but one thing that we become so popular that is the meticulous receptive.

By writing valuable content and offers free, it not only helps you get tons of traffic but also help you get a lot backlink.

The best example of that is SEOmoz. They wrote "beginner's guide to SEO" it has brought a lot of business for their missions.

This tutorial is rated highly for the phrase "Search engine optimization" on google and then they switch service visitor into their software for $ 99 a month.

8. Organize seminars.

Previously our website usually conducted monthly workshops, intended audience is enterprise potential customers. Topics we often organize professional website design is how to optimize branding conversation and most professional businesses. Normally each workshop will bring us a number of clients.

You can also organize seminars related to their products and services and the object will be your customers, it is important to give the value of products and services can solve certain problems for business customers more successful to the conference that you held.

9. Start an affiliate marketing program.

If you do not have much money to do marketing, you can ask people to do for you free. The only thing you have to do is pay a commission for every mission they bring to you.

Through companies like Hasoffers, you can easily set up an affiliate program and start calling people marketing for your products and services without having to spend too much money. This is the way that Amazon has applied quite successfully.

10. Answer questions.

From the forum question and answer, people need help. If you can answer questions relating to products and services that your company provides a level, you can earn more by customers. You can find out potential customers on sites like yahoo answers questions and answers.

One company has used this tactic to Single Grain daily. Every day they walked around the forum and help unload 10 marketing company free marketing advice. What they get is 3% of the consulting firm they will use consulting services of Single Grain.

Strolling through the technology forum you can also see one thing, any topic any laptop inquiry should have the consultancy business consulting laptop into enthusiasm, and an appropriate price would bring them a new customer.

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And now, we will discuss together in the part 3 (updated 12/30/2019)

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