Breakthrough online marketing ideas for small business (P.3)

By Rich Homer Sunday, March 12, 2017
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In the part 3, we continue to learn about how to promote your business using online marketing with low budget.

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And now, let's follow-up part 3!

11. Participation in events

If you can not make a speaker at a conference that does not mean you do not participate. Each day there was a new event occurs, your job is to find suitable events to participate. Sooner or later you'll realize one thing, people are going to attend the conference, the event is also to find someone.

Some people you meet will not have any effect on their business, but still have a small percentage of the people you meet will become the business relationship or friendship.

12. Speak out what restrictions of potential customers.

Blog contribute a major role in creating the environment of communication between you and your visitors. And when you tell them something via blog post, it will start to spread.

For example, if you are a website design company. You can see a certain potential company can use its services, then you not only have access to that company but also actively write a blog post mentioned the trouble they're having a strategy to develop an online business, branding through websites. And usually, when the article was published and spread over the Internet customers in the post often will contact you to find a solution. Here's how the internet spreads indirect complement workshop method mentioned above.

Another way is to email the company and made it clear to them what steps to take to increase traffic and conversion ratio doi.Se many companies do not respond to your email or you rent but this strategy still has effective. Through doing that Neil Patel was able to acquire and execute all online marketing campaigns Techcrunch.

And by helping the TechCrunch brand popular demand, Neil was able to leverage their names to many more customers.

Similarly, you can be confident to do it, once you have these large customers, your reputation has to be a springboard for you to earn more customers and more valuable contracts.

Do not hesitate to e-mail to the company and potential customers that you think can help them. The worst thing they can do is ignore your emails only.

13. Require client referrals.

Do you have a certain number of customers that you have requested and have them refer customers to you or not? It's a pretty effective method as long as your customers happy and cheerful.

Search for your existing customers on the popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, G+ and tracking who they connect. If you see someone that could benefit from your products and services, please request the current customer referrals.

You will be shocked to have a small percentage of your customers will not be willing to introduce. If you have a large say not introduce perhaps you need to reconsider how to work better to bring satisfaction and joy for existing customers.

Usually at TAKA outside customers from SEO, marketing still have customers come from the recommendation of the old customers. Through that could see the development of quality products and services is extremely important to get the trust of your existing customers. They are a bridge for you to the next customer.

14. Make use of Youtube.

Video today has overcome functional product introduction services How good because now it has appeared both in the search results page. Blendtec has done this for years and it's very effective. They not only show you their blender very strong but it also shows you can grind brick, iPhone and other devices.

Some of their videos received over 3 million views and, more importantly, they have sold thousands blender from these videos.

If you can create something that is related to iPhone you can create viral videos. Spreading good content like a fire on the web site and even spread to the whole TV. Blendtec has landscaped appear on Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

15. Discounts.

Group purchasing can create thousands of transactions for products and services you provided that you give a really good price.


There was a man making a business idea "tomato battle". Accordingly thousands of people would gather around and throw tomatoes at each other. When given the fact that he has calculated the cost of a ticket and $ 59 target is to have more than 2,000 people participated.

To do this he has to cooperate with the Groupon website and within days he had sold over 1,000 tickets and after the deal expires. Ticket buyers are telling their friends and these friends were coming directly at the site "tomato battle" to buy more tickets at regular price.

If you can offer a price for your benefit as well as group purchasing company, you can earn more money and more traffic from new customers.

16. Ownership of customer care services especially.

One of the easiest ways to increase the lifetime value of customers is to provide exceptional customer service possible. By providing good customer service will make customers feel interested and happy at the same time they will return.

In short you will probably see costs more teams by investing in customer care, but in the long run, you will see many benefits because customers happy when they do not just come to you again but also gender recommend their friends to you because your company has brought great experience to consumers.

17. Press.

The more people talk about you in a positive way as well, then there will be many people come and check what you are offering is like. The challenge in working with the media is not easy to get the attention of the major news sites to work with you. But it is very easy to get the attention of bloggers.

A common practice is to send an email to the blogger and ask if they wanted to interview me or not. Although it sounds silly but there will be a small percentage of bloggers will say yes.

So you see that marketing is not necessarily to spend too much money ... it just requires creativity. If many companies as us successful without a large marketing budget, you certainly can. You just need determination and spend more time and energy to focus on job creation there.

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