How to Create a Marketing Plan?

By Rich Homer Thursday, May 11, 2017
How to make a marketing plan

A marketing plan is a guide detailing the contents and scope of marketing activities.

The main contents of a marketing plan (marketing plan) include tasks and objectives, analyze the situation, the development of opportunities, target markets, marketing programs, budgeting, real time give.

A marketing plan includes the following components:

1. Executive summary:

Outlined, concise goals and proposals of administrators plan to capture the outstanding issues.

2. Current marketing situation:

Presenting the basic data (possibly for years) on the market, products, competition, distribution, and macro environment.
  • Market situation: the data on the target market: size, growth, demand, awareness and the tendency of customers shopping.
  • Product Situation: sales, price, the level of contribution to margins, profitability.
  • Competitive Situation: a forecast of the main competitors in terms of size, objectives, market share, product quality, marketing strategy, the other characteristics to understand the intentions and behavior them.
  • Distribution Situation: the size and importance of each channel.
  • Macro environment Situation: describes the tendency of great mo_dan environment, economy, technology, politics, law, culture, social hoi_tac to future activity of this product line.

3. Opportunity and Issue analytics:

Opportunity Threats Analysis administrators to identify opportunities and challenges for the principal.
  • Strengths / Weaknesses Analytsis: Administrators should identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and the product.
  • Issues Analysis: Companies use the analysis and assessment in order to identify issues to be addressed in the plan.

4. The objective (Objectives):

The administrator must determine the financial goals and marketing plan.

Financial Objectives as return on investment, profit ...

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Marketing Objectives as sales market share, key distribution ...

5. Marketing Strategy:

Marketing presents the direction taken to achieve these objectives. The content of the marketing strategy include the following:
  • Target Marketing
  • Positioning
  • Product Line
  • Price
  • Distribution Outlets
  • Salesforce
  • Service
  • Advertising
  • Sales Promotion
  • Research and Development

6. Action Programs:

The content above is analyzed in detail and to answer specific questions:
  • What work will be done?
  • When do?
  • Who will do?
  • Cost how much?

7. Projected Profit-and-Loss Statement:

Estimated budget marketing activities and other expenses, estimated sales and loss if the issuing of receiving lai. Budget will be the basis for developing production planning, staff recruitment, and implementation of Marketing.

8. Controls

Monitoring progress in implementing the plan

Ok. Above are the 8 steps you should take when developing your marketing plan.

To have a successful marketing campaign, you must have a detailed marketing plan. And let's get started doing it now!

Wish you success!

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