Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Marketing experts often suggest that for a person to increase their brand presence, they should be active on social media. While this is true, unless you have a social media expert to run your campaigns, you hardly have time to make a presence on all social media platforms. To make your online marketing experience easier, here is a review of the two top social media platforms: Facebook and Google plus.

The main contents:

Facebook - Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business


Facebook has the largest following compared to other social media platforms. Facebook provides a medium where your business can reach out to an avalanche of customers from different parts of the world. When it comes to advertising, Facebook is easy to manage and enables one to have the best targeting. The following are some of the strengths of Facebook as a social media marketing platform:

· Audience Targeting

Facebook enables you to target a specific group of users with your advertising. For example, if you want to reach a broad audience, you can refine your advertisements for each segment with images and copies for young vs. older users, or ads based on gender or location. If you want to reach a small audience, you can focus your advertising on a specific segment of Facebook users. It is also possible to create look-alike audiences. This enables you to target your advertisements at people who resemble your current clients, page fans, or website visitors.

· Facebook Insights

Facebook insights offer you information regarding your page, audience, and customers. You can use Facebook insights for analyzing the performance of your posts and to measure the data against your paid posts. You can use this data to decide on the target of your future posts.

· Mobile Friendly

Facebook has up to 1.8 billion mobile users. Facebook advertising helps you target users anywhere using your mobile device. Since consumer mobile search has surpassed desktop search, Facebook allows you to reach potential clients through their mobile phones.

Google Plus - Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Google Plus

Google Plus has gained popularity among many business users because of its numerous benefits. This social media platform enables you to build new relations according to your passions, interests, profession, or career. The following are some of the strengths of the Google Plus network:

· YouTube Generation

Google plus enables you to exploit its integration with YouTube. You can be able to reach out to a larger audience by using Google + and YouTube in conjunction. For example, Google + users will see your YouTube video clips when you share them on Google Plus. According to a study by Cisco, by the year 2021, 82% of online traffic will be generated by video. Since live video streaming has become increasingly popular, using YouTube and Google Plus together can help you increase the traffic to your website and turn a huge percent of your leads into customers.

· Embedded Posts

Embedded posts are a strong tool that helps users to share their Google plus posts on websites or blogs. You can improve the life of your content by embedding content made within Google Plus on your website or blog. Embedded content will be linked to your Google Plus profile. When web users are logged into their Google accounts when watching or reading your content, whatever they share or comment on will be displayed both on your blog and your Google Plus account.

· Tracking Performance

It is important for users to keep an eye on their marketing efforts. With Google plus you can use analytical tools such as sum all, and circle count to track your performance. Sum all gives you a visual presentation of new followers, created posts, and post-performance. On the other hand, circle count gives you a thorough database of influencers to help you make the most effective connections.

All in All

Social media platforms have gained a reputation for their high potential of marketing professionals, companies, and brands. The internet is filled with social sites that one can use to improve the online presence of their business. This makes it hard to determine which sites are more effective in marketing than the others. This web page has highlighted the benefits of two major platforms you should pay attention to during your marketing campaigns.