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By Rich Homer Saturday, May 13, 2017
video marketing, content marketing, viral marketing - Today's Funniest Clips
Today's Funniest Clips - Popular on YouTube.
These comedy clips are racking up the LOLs across the web right now.
( go down to watch the video clips )

video marketing, content marketing, viral marketing - Today's Funniest Clips
Here are some screenshots from the videos in playlist

Please watch carefully top 10 video clips below and together we analyze why these videos can go viral on Youtube.

Thinking, if it's a video marketing for your brand then surely it will be great, your brand will definitely reach a very large prospect base right?

Do you want to have a viral video marketing? Please read to the end of this article!
Fun factorlead to sharethe videos goes viral

And now, watch this videos below:

Today's Funniest Clips - Popular on YouTube
These comedy clips are racking up the LOLs across the web right now.

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STOP...! Wait a sec! I want to share with you: "How to become a smart YouTube internet marketer using elements of a successful Video". Keep reading ...!
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Denying that video marketing is not popular is like trying to deny the rising sun in the morning. The fact is, even if you choose to close your eyes, others will see it -- to the tune of billions around the world. This billion applies to both the sun and YouTube. It is estimated that over one billion unique visitors watch something on YouTube on a monthly basis.

You see, modern online marketing is not like what we were used to a few years ago. Furthermore, marketing on YouTube has gotten more complex than ever. Without a solid marketing strategy and a routine on how things are supposed to be done, your internet marketing efforts are bound to flop.

video marketing, content marketing, viral marketing

What we're talking about has to do with viral marketing on YouTube and how it's bound to bring you quality traffic to wherever you're directing visitors to, whether it's a corporate website, a blog or a portal.

And just like we said earlier, marketing videos on YouTube for a specific purpose is not a child's play if the campaign is to be successful. First, this is not a place where we upload commercials and walk away hoping to make a kill from that one action. Rather, it's a place to actively share content that people want to watch. It's not like TV which forces people to watch commercials when they actually want to watch content they are interested in.

Therefore, to get started with YouTube video marketing, you're going to think of it as platform where you can create your space so you can target audience who are interested in your offerings through the power of videos.

Internet marketing using viral videos and how it's the hottest trend today

Videos that go viral are a success (marketing). They work for themselves, and as a result, the people behind them achieve purposes for which they upload them. Now the question is, how do you get a video to go viral on YouTube and in the internet space in general?

Characteristics/elements of videos that are bound to go viral

First, owners of these videos usually have a plan on how they're going to execute steps and run their campaigns. It starts by determining the type of video you want to show your audience.

There are 3 types so far. These are:
  1. Entertaining videos
  2. How-to videos
  3. Product education videos
Every style of video above has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it turns out that figuring the style of the video you want to work with is the number one decision you have to make.

Entertaining videos

People love funny videos because they invoke laughter. That's the reason a lot of people have had success with them. In fact, the vast majority of YouTube users are there to look for entertainment, another small percentage are looking for how-to videos, while the last category are interested in finding education materials through video instructions.

If you can create quirky videos, the higher the chances of success. Quirky videos have elements like weird robots, mannequins and other funny characters.

Old Spice got it right when they created ''The man your man could smell like''. It was a funny video that went viral the moment it started engaging with social media users by answering questions.

How-to videos

If you have instructions you want to deliver on how to use a product, this style will suit you well. You don't have to hire expensive actors to achieve this. In fact, even a company employee with an outgoing personality can do the video on your behalf. This video style works well in the home improvement industry.

Product information

This is basically where people sit down and start talking about their products/services. Sounds like a complete contrast of the above guidelines, right?

Well, it's not, and especially if you have a fun product you can tell people about in an entertaining manner. Successful product information videos give their audience straightforward facts as opposed to hype. That's one element that makes people who want to learn interested about them.

Compelling content earns the right to go viral (marketing)

It's about getting your video editing skills right. This also involves making sure that the video structure is done correctly before it can be uploaded. Once this is done, one has to ask themselves a few questions before sitting back waiting for results.

Keep in mind that YouTube, after it was acquired by Google, changed its algorithm to favor videos/channels that retained viewers until the end of the clip. In other words, the algorithm takes the bounce rate of videos into account.

One successful trick that video creators have used is that of capturing their audience attention within the first 15 seconds of viewing the video. Statistics depict that viewers usually give 15 seconds on average to decide on whether to continue playing the video or not. Now it's the job of the internet marketer to convince them to continue watching until the end.

This is how it is done:
  • Gaining the trust of viewers by way of using short, animated introductions
  • Teasing the rest of the video when introducing it using host personalities
  • A quick clip that will give a preview of what viewers should expect from their time

Other elements of successful YouTube videos used in marketing online

YouTube accounts can slowly be established into channels with time. When users have a playlist to watch, they only need to push a button to access dozens or related videos on the same channel.

Video thumbnail is also another feature that successful videos utilize. You see, when viewers are browsing the site, trying to look for anything entertaining, they will keep an eye on the left hand side where video thumbnails are located.

Videos that receive the most clicks have images edited well to feature crucial summary information on what the video is all about. And of course the search plan for the video created (how keywords are used) influences how it gets views.


It turns out that the most successful videos are those with funny elements. If your marketing strategy can take this into account, then your videos are most likely going to be successful. That's the power of YouTube on your internet marketing efforts.

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