How to Push your video Go Viral? (Video Marketing)

By Rich Homer Saturday, March 15, 2014
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In this article, we will share with you how to push your videos go viral on social media easily and quickly, the main factors to help you have a video marketing success.

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Gone are the times when a promotional video could go viral quite simply by its awesomeness. But with billions of videos published on YouTube as well as other major online video sharing platforms, just how can you push a video go viral? Well then, here are some vital tips that can enable you to get the most out of your online viral video marketing campaigns at all times. These are the sorts of vital tips, which will let you create promotional videos that will be able to significantly boost your business’s online brand awareness in a stress-free manner. However, let us first take a closer look at just what viral marketing is, and how it operates.

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What is online viral video marketing?

In a nutshell, online viral marketing involves the full exploitation of online media together with social networks in the attempt of enhancing a company’s overall brand awareness. It can as well be used to enable a business to realize or even exceed the various sales, marketing and publicity objectives on the internet.

Video Marketing: How to Push A Video Go Viral?

How does online viral video marketing work?

This particular online marketing strategy is highly noted for being able to let businesses effectively leverage on the boundless potential of the web to deliver marketing messages directly to online communities. Online video marketing can also be utilized to specifically target those individuals who are known to possess exceptional a social networking potential’ with the primary goal of motivating them to pass along the message. Any marketing message that can be able to spark the interest of sufficient number of such personalities has an increased chance of going viral. As such, viral marketing can substantially heighten the probability of a promotional video going viral by intentionally and strategically spreading its message to the masses. At this juncture, it is very important for you to fully understand that the key to success in viral marketing campaigns depends on just how much the content can be shared. The more your promotional video is shared online, the higher the chances will be of its going viral will be. Well, with these important factors fully comprehended, let us now proceed to a step by step guide of how to push a video go viral in a hassle-free manner.

Video Marketing: How to Push A Video Go Viral?

The 3 key elements of online viral video marketing

Like all seasoned video marketing campaigns pros know by heart, there is no a one size fits all’ formula when it comes to creating successful viral videos. Still, it is a well known fact that most videos which go viral usually integrate 3 key elements that guarantee their eventual success. In the first place, such promotional videos make it a point to identify a specific problem. Secondly, they then try to exaggerate that given problem, and finally, they put forward a practical and feasible solution which can resolve it. So, always make sure you create a video that can adhere to these 3 given principles. At the same time, one of the simplest means of making a video go viral online is what are known as remixes. Essentially, your marketing video content will stand a good chance of going viral on the web if the concept it espouses can be effortlessly duplicated. This is particularly the case when people can be able poke fun of it in an ingenious manner.

Just what should you include in a promotional video you wish to go viral?

To begin with, when creating your online marketing video, make sure you feature at least a single marketing element, which can distinctly make the viewers identify your business. This, for the most part, can include your company’s logo, color schemes, or if possible, a witty theme music. All of these marketing elements can be conveniently utilized in all subsequent promotional videos you produce or even any in other marketing materials. Also, be sure to include your business’s contact details preferably the url to your website that will be conspicuously displayed as the video runs.

Just how long should an online promotional video be?

In essence, short videos are widely renowned for their unparalleled potential of going viral. Indeed, the first thing most people check prior to playing a video online, is its length. So, this factor can either encourage or discourage them to proceed streaming the video. So, a 10 minute video will definitely put off most of your targeted audience. While a much shorter one will be more appealing. Ideally, the most successful viral video marketing video length is between 20 seconds to a minute. Therefore, try to keep your promotional video as short as you possibly can. But, still make sure it can retain an easily understandable and seamless flow of the exact message that you are trying to push forward to those who will watch it.

Viral video files formats

As would be expected, there are certain video files formats, which are preferred by most of the top online video sharing platforms, including YouTube. These are .WMV, .MPEG, .MP4, .MOV, .3GP, .FLV and .MKV. So, depending on your preferences, you can be able to create a trans-code any of these video file formats if you wish to ensure that your videos can be seamlessly compatible with the leading online publishing websites. On the other hand, when it comes to the SEO facet of your video marketing campaign, it is very important to note that Google and most other major search engines can only crawl and index specific video files formats. In the case of Google, this includes .ASF, .MPG, .AVI, .MP4, .RA, .MOV, .RAM, .WMV, .MPEG, .FLV and .RM. As an aside, it is highly recommended that you avoid trans-coding video file formats from one to another in a repeatedly way. This is simply because each and every time you do so, the compression the file undergoes will impair the overall quality of the video.

Viral video marketing and SEO

Like with other web content, search engine optimization is very essential if you are keen to obtain highly favorable viral video marketing results. As it is, you can be able to optimize your promotional video in a number of different ways. Some of the most notable of which are thumbnail optimization, title optimization and even creating a video sitemap. You can as well include related keywords optimized text in the exact web page you will ultimately embed the video file, and even in its captions. It is important to state that you should pay special attention to the thumbnail optimization of your promotional videos. To this end, make it a point to only use high quality shots from the video. Also, make sure you take the necessary time to pick your very own thumbnail shots, and not settle for those the video publishing website will automatically create. If possible, ensure you should include a face or even an image shot of somebody featured in your marketing video.

Driving up publicity for the online marketing video you wish to go viral

There happen to be some highly effective ways you can utilize to be able to generate a buzz for your company’s promotional video, once you have managed to post it on online video publishing platforms. In the first place, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter along with online social news networks like Reddit, can be the most practical platforms to initiate your campaign. You can do this by simply posting the actual marketing video you wish to go viral, and request your friends and followers to like and share it to other people. At the same time, you can also decide to leverage on the great potential of blogging when it comes to online marketing. Blogs are very powerful marketing engines that can reach out to millions upon millions of readers and followers. So, make sure you get in touch with a couple of popular bloggers who write about your given niche industry, and see if they can feature your video in their blogposts. All in all, ensure you try out different platforms to guarantee that at least one of them can pay off your efforts and create a good buzz for your marketing video.

How can you provoke the emotions of those who will view your viral video marketing video?

Once you have managed to publish your video and initiated some preliminary buzz through the tips listed in the last section, there is a wide variety of ways to make people notice it. By far one of the most efficacious of these tactics is to proceed to stir up controversy over the video content. It is very important to note that most individuals who watch videos on YouTube never actually take time to first log in. Therefore, when you make the mistake of failing to initiate some interesting and audacious conversations, you will never obtain many comments. So, never be content with just simply publishing the video on the leading online video sharing platforms, and wait for people to notice it. To this end, there are 2 highly effective ways of getting optimal exposure on YouTube together with other top video sharing websites. The first of which is making sure you create multiple accounts. The second, and most important of the 2, is simply to make your own comments on the video. This can be especially efficacious when you opt to post witty insults or initiating disagreements with those who comments on your video content. Controversy is always good when you wish to gain publicity. Therefore, the very best means of prompting people to talk about your video is making it your business to post controversial comments, even if they are negative. Doing this can let you incite them to passionately disagree with you. In its turn, this can in the long run create a significant buzz that will ultimately spread like wild fire all over the web. Still, be very cautious when you decide to leverage on controversy, and make sure you do not go too far. At all costs, do not be downright rude, offensive or worse still, insensitive to the feelings of your audience.

One viral video marketing campaign is never enough

On a parting shot, do not be satisfied with managing to publish a single popular video marketing video on YouTube or any other video sharing site. Making such a decision can in the long run be detrimental to your overall online marketing strategy. So, prior to launching your very first viral video marketing campaign, you always make sure you take the necessary time to prepare more materials. This will enable you to whet the appetite of your targeted audience once they have watched the first video you release. In essence, human nature can sometimes be very predictable. When people get to view your first marketing video and find it very appealing, they will quite naturally look to see if there are more interesting videos from where the first came from. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are not caught napping by the buzz, which your promotional video may be in a position of creating. In turn, being fully prepared will let you to conveniently exploit the sensation generated by your viral video in terms of realizing or even exceeding the exact marketing, sales or publicity objectives you might have set.


It is very important to state that not all online viral video marketing campaigns can be smash hits. Still, by following this step by step guide for launching online video marketing, you will be able to significantly increase the probability for success. To begin with, you should always pay heed to the 3 key elements that all videos, which go viral possess. This, if you remember are identifying a problem, exaggerating it and finally, putting forward a practical solution for solving it. You should as well determine the marketing elements you can include in the video to make viewers to associate it distinctively to your brand. This, if you remember, includes using your company’s logo, color schemes and even theme music. You should also make sure that the video is short, but can still seamlessly pass your message in an understandable way. On the other hand, you should use file formats, which are compatible with the leading online publishing platforms. While, also paying attention to the SEO aspect of your video marketing campaigns. Finally, you should try to spark some harmless controversy to generate a good buzz. Well, now you certainly know how to push a video go viral!

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