10 things you should consider in a content marketing agency

By Rich Homer Friday, January 5, 2018
If you are about to run a content marketing campaign but you can not have enough resource, you will have to find outsources to help you. Finding a great agency is not an easy task as you need to deeply understand about their work, culture and consider whether they are the best fit for you or not.

There are a lot of things to pay attention to. And that’s what I’ll share with you in this article.
Let’s discover 10 things to look for in an content marketing agency

1. Look at their working process

Working process is an important thing that can prove if the agency is working effectively or not. You can have an overview of their process when they tell you about the people whom you’ll work with in the future, plus timing and the reason why.

A great agency will let you know exactly who will be handling account’s business, creative, production, and promotion activities from the start. And thanks to that, you will know clearly what to do and work with them easier. Remember that a good agency plays good host from the beginning to the end.

Choosing a content marketing agency

2. Look at their results

A right agency will look back on their projects and see that if they do well or not. If not, they will have to find out what they do wrong and why, then try to find the solution. This is also a workplace mindset everyone should have.

Through case studies, you can see the invested time and personal reflection. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t reflect what they do. And if your content does not have case studies, maybe it’s not the right one.

3. Consider the range of their projects

You can see whether your content agency is a versatile or not by looking at their range of projects. If they have done many different projects, it means that you will have opportunities to try the new things and challenge yourself. Hire the agency that is ready for anything - because they don’t hesitate to try a lots before .

4. Look at their existing clients

In addition to looking at their work, you will have to look at their clients to. Never trust anyone if they don’t have long-term relationships, and so does your agency. If their company is founded for a long time but they don’t have a client who work with them in more than one projects, you will have to be careful.

You can look for a content marketing agency with a track record of successful partner relationships.

content marketing agency - client

5. Consider their being trustworthy

Look at client testimonials and recommendations to know. If you find out that there are many clients are complaining about them, they are not the good one. So try to research their clients’ experience in the past to see if they are trustworthy or not.

6. Pay at attention to their communication

Good agencies will always help you be on the same page. They will check in with you rather than just assuming or guessing. In order not to waste your budget and destroy your timeline, they will confirm deadlines and provide visual references, with the hopes that the conversation at the end of the projects will be over margaritas, not problems.

7. Transparency at all level

A good agency will tell you exactly what you will achieve. When you set your goals and establish metrics to be used, your agency will be eager to figure these out as soon as you have laid out a basic plan. If the agency is a good one, they will be able to strategize to gauge or predict a general outcome. While a wrong agency is vague about the results, the right one can make specific predictions based on their knowledge and experience.

8. Focus on their solid boundaries

Your aim is to find an agency to work with you - a partner, so they will know when to say no. If your objectives are too high or unreasonable, they will tell you what will not work and why. The right agency will explain to you why an idea won’t work, then show a better alternative. The right agency believes in the project so much that they can recognize (or, better yet, anticipate) when things aren’t working.

content marketing agency - say no

9. Receptive to constructive criticism

A good agency must be anyone that is open to feedback. This is an extremely important point that you need to find out from the start. There is no idea that is perfect at the first time, you will have to give feedback and let the in charged staff to justify it. Until this is done, there will be many time you together give feedback and change. Maybe they don’t need to take it, but they should darn well want to hear it at the very least.

10. Good vibes

Big and complicated campaigns that cost a lot of money often mean a lot of back and forth and possibly a few bumps in the road. When this happens, you may need someone that you can talk to. There are many people get stuck with this. So, you need to have people bubbling with personality, who are friendly and quick on their feet, who can successfully tell a joke when needed. Not only can they make your process become easier, more enjoyable, and near-bulletproof, but they also always make the coolest things in the end.

If you have any question, please leave a comment. We will discuss together.

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