5 tips for crafting interactive Email Marketing Content (part 1)

By Rich Homer Monday, April 30, 2018
While email is an effective way to keep in touch with customers, people mainly use it as sales channels rather than sharing brand’s content.

In fact, 80% of content marketers are taking advantage of email, and most of them could stand to improve their strategies.

To gain your customer attention through emails, you’ll need to send engaging content that can push them to interact. Interactive content is a good way to increase subscribers and encourage them to share information with you.

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In this article, I’ll share will you 5 useful tips for crafting such a kind of content:

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1. Make your subscribers surprised and delighted.

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Everyday, your customers are likely to receive a lot of emails which include so much text and information that can make them bored and stressed. If you stay away from the crowd and do something new, you’ll have a chance of being remembered and loved. You can do this by sending content that make your customers surprised and delighted.

In more details, you can include interactive materials such as memes, gifs and videos in your emails. Expand your imagination, use your creativity to bring people what they need in an unique and amazing way. Because of the delighted moment you bring about, your customers will remember you, love you and as a result want to open your emails and link back to your website.

With these kind of emails, you can provide less information while adding more conversational tone to leave an impression of your brand being more friendly and approachable, which in turn, will encourage them to connect with you.

2. Use human spyche for more impact

Content that can push people to interact more has powerful psychological triggers. According to research, human are driven to interact by key psychological components such as curiosity or the brain’s ability to respond to operant conditioning.

By understanding and leveraging these core principles, you will be able to build the best possible interactive campaigns, and will encourage customers to engage with your brand.

Once you have the key answer to why people are motivated to click, read, and share, it’ll become much more easier for you to create effective content.

3. Combine interactive experiences with personalization efforts

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You will need to collect information about your subscribers so as to build personalized experiences. The data includes their interests, preferences, location, age, gender, and other attributes.

By providing interactive content, you will have chance to gain more information as your subscribers response to it and all data is stored. Moreover, you can use use interactivity to offer insights in exchange.

Let’s take an example, Paradigm Life provides a Financial Literacy Quiz to help their audience understand financial knowledge. If the company encourages subscriber to do this quiz through email, they will be attracted. When they visit the calculator, they’ll enter information which Paradigm Life can use to segment and personalize their future marketing efforts.

4. Run interactive campaigns that feed subscribers’ needs

Think about what your subscribers want to know and what kind of information you can provide them. If your email contain the information that they are craving for in a very interactive form, they will click your link right away.

For instance, when The New York Times launched the campaign “Is It Better to Rent or Buy”, people loved this because it could bring about the things they need - the information to understand best options for housing.

Remember to always ask yourself: How can your brand solve a your prospect’s problems and drive conversions? Just when you touch their paint points and help them to solve it, you become valuable to them.

5. Let make it fun

 email marketing content emotions

In addition to an explicit sales goal, emails carry other important missions including building brand awareness and encouraging customer loyalty. And when it comes to increasing engagement, sheer entertainment may be an effective way to make it done.

Send entertaining materials for special occasions or making your regular newsletter interactive. Some of the highest number of CTRs (click-through rate) come from emails that don’t contain much promotion information or your business, they still drive traffic to your site though.


If you are content marketers who are striving for being successful with emails, interactive content is a good option for you to get started. Equipped with these above 5 tips and you’ll see amazing impact of interactive email marketing content.

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