How to construct an effective SEO Content Marketing Strategy?

By Rich Homer Friday, April 13, 2018
We all know about the important role of SEO and content marketing in the overall digital marketing strategy. Producing great content is not enough to achieve great SEO results and to do this, you must have an effective SEO content marketing strategy.

According to Google's Andrey Lipattsev, content is among the top 3 ranking factors in search. Yet you can not just create content and hope for it to drive traffic. You need to make it stand out and be friendly with search engines. This is where seo content marketing strategy comes into play.

If you are a marketer who is striving to get more traffic through search engines, this is what you may need.

Let’s see secret ways to construct an effective seo content marketing strategy !!

1. Focus on topics that are less difficult

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

The first step to have an effective content strategy is to define the topics of your content. You have to spend time on research, which can be executed by analyzing the keywords through tools such as Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool and SEMrush.

There are 3 main criteria that you should pay attention to during your research:

  • - Search volume
  • - Competition/keyword difficulty
  • - Traffic value/cost

Interestingly, what you should do is to search for volume and value with low difficulty. However, almost all of your main keywords will not satisfy this, so you should focus on topics that are less difficult.

Fortunately, you can easily estimate keyword difficulty by various tools like SEMrush. Remember to use the same tool when you want to compare the difficulty of potential topics.

On the other hand, you can also evaluate keyword difficulty manually by analyzing the SERPs. Check the pages that have high position in search engines to see whether the brands’ name are famous or not, if they are, you obviously face high competition and vice versa.

If you are a small business whose brand is not widely known and authoritative, the best strategy you should use is to focus on lower difficulty topics.

2. Layer content and optimize internal links

SEO Content Marketing Strategy - link building

Content layering and internal linking are important factors in building content strategy.

When you succeed in these efforts, you will gain many benefits, including:

  • - Shared authority: Middle-of-the-funnel content is usually more linkable than bottom-of-the-funnel content. Via internal linking, valuable equity can be passed from the links pointing to your mid-funnel content through to your converting pages.
  • - Fueled brand authority and recognition: Ranking pages for mid-funnel queries can help you to gain authority and recognition that pays dividends later in bottom-funnel searches.
  • - Link acquisition for converting pages: Advertising of mid-funnel pages can yield links for bottom-funnel pages if they’re effectively linked within the content you are advertising

Through linking internally and layering content, you can make your site become an effective one which is easy to follow for readers and search engines-friendly.

3. Pay attention to linkability and opportunity

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Linkability is an important factor in all content strategy and it brings about many benefits other than search. Because of the value of links in SEO strategy, you should pay attention to linkability during the process of planning content.

Linkability, or “linkworthiness” is about both potential and securing links. There are many ways to link to your site, so to improve this, you need to think about why someone might link.

In the first place, you can start with the potential outreach audience of your content. There are people that might concern about your content and want to link and share it if they know about its existence.

Factors you need to consider when analyzing outreach prospects include:

  • - Search volume for associated keyword.
  • - The number of unique domains linking to top results.
  • - Types of pages linking to top results.

Additionally, analyzing link opportunity is what you need to do. By doing this, you can have the answer to one question: Can I produce something better or more useful than the content is already ranking?

A few tactics you can use to improve what’s currently ranking include:

  • - Crafting more searchable titles and headlines
  • - Upgrading readability and content formatting
  • - Optimizing your website to maximize page speed.
  • - Citing reputable authorities and source
  • - Expanding or digging deep into the topics
  • - Sharing new or original research

Moreover, another ways to make your content stand out is to add some extra formats to diversify your content. Try to make your website more attractive with various types of content such as videos, infographics, animations, and so on. This will surely require an investment, but with its results, it’s worth spending money on.

4. Always update and maintain existing content

In addition to crafting new content, you need to put an eye existing one to ensure it’s always updated and relevant.

As you define potential link opportunities, remember to take advantages of your old content. Sometimes it’s even more effective to maintain and upgrade old content rather than crafting something new from scratch. Actually, you can apply any of the method listed above to improve your page.

For instance, adding more content formats can help to effectively upgrading your existing content. More specifically, adding a video to a long-form content can lead to more linkability, attract more audience and drive more traffic.

Another way to update and maintain old content is repurposing. Considering your underperforming content and see if it can be used for another purpose. After that, try to asset it into something that better suits for researcher.

And last but not least, make your pages fresh by adding a “Last updated” tag at the top of each page. This tactic will help your audience believe that your content is updated and it’s trustworthy. Also, you can regularly upgrade the topic to keep it fresh and competitive in search.


To succeed in seo content marketing is not easy and not quick. But if you are willing make an effort, then the results will outperform any other competitors.

Keep in mind these tactics if you are a content planner:

  1. - Focus on topics that are less difficult
  2. - Layer content and optimize internal links
  3. - Pay attention to linkability and opportunity
  4. - Always update and maintain existing content

Apply all of them and you’ll see what happens.