Content marketing for business and How to use it?

By Rich Homer Saturday, June 16, 2018
There is no doubt that content marketing is dominating in the digital marketing industry. Whether it comes to social media, search engines or email marketing efforts, content has become the main component of each these tactics and channels.
content marketing, content marketing for business

While more and more people are committing to content marketing, only a few of them admit that they are really successful with their efforts to develop business. In fact, the majority of companies are struggling with the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns.

First and foremost, marketers have to understand deedly about content marketing and the tactics to grow business with it. That’s what I’ll share in this article. Let’s dive in!

1. What is content marketing?

Content marketing for business

According to Content Marketing institute, a strategic marketing approach emphasises on creating and distributing beneficial, relevant, and consistent content to appeal a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to incite customer to take action.

So firstly, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach. You need to totally understand what is your goals and how your content is supposed to help you achieve such goals and succeed with digital marketing strategy.

Secondly, your content must be valuable for your audience, which means that it brings about benefits to make their life better. You will have your content respond to potential audience’s wants, needs, hobbies, questions, concerns, as well as their pain point.

Thirdly, your content must be beneficial, relevant, and consistent enough to draw audience’s attention, gain their trust and win their loyalty.

- Beneficial: Don’t let your audience go away feeling that they’ve got nothing from what they’ve read. It’s a waste of time and they would never come back to you. Promise to give them benefits if they read your articles and make it come true by providing valuable information.

- Relevant: Being relevant means that your content can meet what your customers want, need and are interested in. You are not just a provider, you are an expert who can response to your customers’ questions. Prove that you can understand them and bring about what they want.

- Consistent: Consistent content that is published regularly and in front of a large number of audience will get you valuable recognition. Your appearance, feeling, tone of voice and style will help your customers to be familiar with your brand and remember you.

2. How content marketing can grow your business?

Content marketing grow business

As a small business, you may have limited financial and human resources to invest in advertising and other costly tactics to develop your brand. In this case, content marketing with free or very cheap activities is your best bet.

Let’s find out more about how content marketing can develop your business:

* Raise brand awareness.

Creating consistent content is the core element to a successful content marketing strategy. If you can do this, your customer will see company’s name frequently and remember it. When your brand becomes familiar to your customers, you’ll have a huge chance to be top-on-mind the next time they need your service.

* Build an identity as a trusted expert.

There are hundreds of business out there who are providing the same service as yours, if your content is not trustworthy, customers will come to other providers. On the other hand, if your content brings about knowledge and valuable advice as an expert, it will help to attract customers and earn a reputation of being trustworthy.
One tip for you is that you can use some experts or industry leaders to post or share your content.

* Incite your customer to take action.

When your content can gives answer to customer’s question, tell a story related to them, and address what they need, they will have motivation to come to purchasing decision or make an appointment to find out more about your product or service.

Remember that creating content that drives a consumer through the buyer’s journey: from awareness to evaluation and purchase will lead to an increase in sales.

Content marketing take action

* Sharable content brings people in the door.

Effective content can help to drive millions of traffic to your website - through various channels such as search engine, social network, traditional media, and so on. If you want all your marketing efforts including PPC campaigns, ads videos, digital banner ads, social media campaign and search engine optimization succeed, you have to make they work well with content.

Posting original, attractive and relevant content encourages your audience to click. Content with unique and real-time topics will help to appeal a broader audience and incite them to come back to your website. Additionally, it also improve visibility on search engine, which increase the chance of reaching out to prospective customers.

* Keeps your website professional.

People usually go to your website through search engines or posts that are published on social media. This means that they want to find out more about the information you publish and through the way, they know more about your business. It can be said that website is the face of your company, which leave the first impression of what your business are doing. As a results, if your website is stagnant and stale, it will become less attractive and less professional towards your customers. Undecided customers will not visit a website once, they return several times before making up their mind. So try to make your site as attractive and professional as possible, and don’t forget to update your information regularly to make it new and relevant.