Top 4 Content Marketing Sites Are Surprisingly Fueling Your Referral Traffic

By Rich Homer Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Besides creating high quality content, one of the most important tasks all marketers must do is getting the content to be read and shared.

This can be done by running advertising campaigns to promote content, but it costs you money, and of course this is not the best solution.

Still, there are top content marketing sites that can drive much traffic and most of them are free. Let take a look of these sites and discover how they are surprisingly fueling your traffic.

content marketing sites

1. Quora

Many marketers fail to make use of Quora because what they post just spam the community and doesn’t deliver any value to its users. The site is useful not only for asking and answering questions, but it also let you to create blogs and write posts. These functions make this platform as a go-to-site for content promotion.

Here are tips that you can promote your content on Quora:

  • Don’t use long-form educational content. It’s difficult to read and boring to almost everyone.
  • Help readers easier to read by using formatting, bullets and whitespaces
  • If you have a relating image (or an infographic), don’t hesitate to post them! People will react to your post more.
  • Last but not least, keep your answers short, amusing and arousing. They drive the best views, upvotes and most importantly, traffic to your website!

2. Reddit

The main factor that make Reddit different from other sites like Quora is that you don’t need to grow your own community.

The thing you need to do is creating great content, and that’s all. however , remember to spend time on reading through rules, posts and conversations to know more about Reddit if you don’t want to be banned by other users.

Here are the list of different subreddits and the most proper information you can share there:

  1. Marketing: For good marketing articles and discussions.
  2. Entrepreneur: A text-post only community, including lots of AMAs and question posts.
  3. Web Marketing: Hosts discussions and links to articles about web marketing, including email marketing, online PR, social media, SEO and so forth.
  4. SEO: Including Search Engine Optimization news, case studies, and speculation.
  5. SEO_Infographics: Great place for sharing SEO infographics. It’s not easy to get approval to post.
  6. Social Media: Intended for professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world.

Useful tips to promote content on Reddit:

  • Share helpful articles and you will get the traffic you deserve
  • Keep a balanced number between comments and shares in order not to turn you into a spammer
  • Share your article once. That’s the rule of the community as Reddit users hate to be spammed.


You may have heard of Quora and Reddit but never heard of If so, you need to explore and take advantages of its functions right now.

For a content marketing, is full of useful knowledge and is a wonderful community to promote content.

Followings are some useful things you can do with the site:

  • Post your content: Share articles and group them into different topics
  • Q&A: Post any of your complicated question about marketing and get answers from the top lads and ladies.
  • Discuss: Initiate discussions
  • AMAs: Where top experts take part in “Ask me anything” sessions.
  • Growth studies: The place to publish your growth study.
  • Video: Publish and share your video.

Tips for better using

  • Growth Hackers reviews your content
  • Follow other experts
  • Be authentic and contribute stunning content

4. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon works like some social networks we know such as Instagram and Twitter. But what is different, to get followers on this site is far more difficult than the other two networks. However, once you have this done, you’ll get the number of traffic that make you surprised.

Tips for better using StumbleUpon:

As I’ve said, get followers on StumbleUpon is extremely difficult, so try to like others’ articles and following stumblers. Do it everyday to make it happen as much as possible and you’ll see the results: people will follow back to you and give traffic to your site.


Promote your content may cost lots of money. If you are a smart marketer, try to take advantages of as many free tools as possible to reduce cost. While doing this requires patience and knowledge, find the right tools to help you.

When you start sharing content on these above networks, remember to connect to others to build your community by liking, sharing and taking any other interaction that you can. After a couple of time, you will get back what you deserve: millions of followers and of traffic to your site.

So, don’t hesitate to try! All your efforts will be rewarded!