How to Start Your Career As A Content Marketing Strategist?

By Rich Homer Saturday, January 19, 2019
Content marketing has been considered as an indispensable part in all B2B business.

And as a result, content marketers and content strategists are among the hottest jobs in the marketing field.

If you are pursuing this career, this is what you may need.

So how to start your career as a content strategist? Let‘s dive in!

Content Marketing Strategist

Part 1: What does a content strategist really do?

Content strategist is not only equivalent to editors and writers, but they are also akin to SEO or social media marketers, and even more.

What a really successful content strategist needs is being a T-shaped or π-shaped expert - with excellent skills in writing, creating visual content, and a knowledge of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, CPC, social marketing, email marketing, etc.

Here are the tasks of a content strategist:

1. Marketing strategy and planning

The process of marketing strategy goes through the act of analysis (for knowing more about your business, customers and competitors), working with SEO strategists (to find out relevant keywords and niches you can explore), defining campaign objectives, measuring success, and crafting your brand story.

2. Content planning and production

This is an important role of a content marketing strategist, and would cover brainstorming to find ideas, determining your team members, establishing content workflow.

3. Integrating with advertising

If your business can afford paid promotion, your content will perform better. And therefore integrating content with advertising is also one of the tasks of a content strategist. You have to have skills using Search Engine Ads like Google Adwords, social media ads like Facebook, or sponsored stories on third party platforms using tools like Outbrain.

4. Measuring success with analytics

And last but not least, a content strategist needs to have knowledge and skills to find out if your content is performing well. It’ll be helpful when you take advantages of tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Some common metrics that you may use including the following:

  • - Engagement rates on social channels such as Like, Comments, Shares, and Clicks.
  • - Views and visitors for each page
  • - Advertising metrics such as CPC and CPM
  • - Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)

Part 2: Skills and knowledge needed to become a content strategist

Since you start your career as a content strategist, there are various qualities which you’ll need to be successful.

1. Digital Strategy:

To success as a content marketing strategist, you need to have experience and ability to manage the resources which are used for publishing content on social channels. Not just being a community manager, you need to understand your social channels, your audience, the nuances and context and know how to use your business resources effectively to drive impact though digital channels.

2. Project management:

Content editors are exactly the project managers who can deeply understand brand’s message and how to deliver it. You need to have editorial skills and understand the brand voice. What is more, you need to be able to set up plans and follow the steps throughout the process.

3. Analytical skills:

If you want to become a content strategist, the most important things you need to have is the knowledge and skills of using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Facebook Insight, and so on. In the meantime, skills in using optimization approaches such as A/B testing and multivariate tools are also necessary. Only when you can use these tools smoothly, you can understand what works and what doesn’t, and then find the ways to improve.

4. Business acumen:

Don’t need anyone else to translate what you are doing, you can do it by yourself - present the business value of content marketing to business people. That’s what a real content strategist can do! Translating means that you can make them understand the volume of content marketing KPIs and the value of all your content marketing efforts.

5. Content Strategy:

Surely that at least once you are struggling for creating and publishing content when running your campaign. So if you want to be successful as a content marketing strategist, you have to know to make magic with limited resources! To do this, you need to have a point of view on how to combine your original content with the curated, licensed and syndicated one to increase the number of people reached and maximize potential of your own media properties.

6. Inbound marketing mindset:

A content strategist needs to have proficiency in drawing audience attention through classic inbound techniques. To do this, you have to have solid understanding of SEO and how to craft attractive content.

7. Social proof:

One of the skills needed for a content strategist is the ability to create consistent content and build personal brand on social channels. You can make use of your own followers to promote the content marketing campaign.

8. A sense of humor

This is not compulsory, of course, but if you are humorous and know how to make your content funny, you’ll find it the best weapon to attract your audience. Combine your humor and your creativeness, you’ll see an impressive result in content marketing.


Considering the increasing number of people who are interested in marketing and try to discover their opportunities in this industry, it’s obviously not easy to succeed as a content strategist. The world is changing everyday, so deciding to become a content strategist means that you have to improve, grow, create, and change as the industry demands. While you cannot follow others’ footsteps, you still have to master key knowledge and skills to be successful. So never stop learning and try your best to adapt to everyday life’s changes, all your efforts will receive what they deserve!