Top 15 Best Email Marketing Tools for every business

By Rich Homer Friday, January 25, 2019
There is no denying that emails are an old and reliable channels for delivering a brand’s message. Although they are not as cool, they has proven to be effective and address customers’ important needs.

Every we receive a lot of emails - whether they are from advertisers, for work, or from friends. As almost everyone has to check mails daily, they has become an effective way to spread words among target audience.

Even with the development of social media with the release of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, emails still have an indispensible role in marketing.

If you want to be successful in email marketing arena, you will have to know about the most useful tools to deal with emails. That’s what this article is about.

Let’s discover top best email marketing tools that every marketer need to know about.
Email Marketing Tools,  Email marketing automation software

Email Marketing Tools

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is among the most popular email marketing tools all over the world. It integrates with with popular apps and services such as Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. It is an inbound marketing tool that let you easily import content from other sources, sync your data from those services, and learn how your campaigns are impacting your business. The tool also allows you to export reports to see if you are doing well and show how much money you are spending on the campaign and then gives useful tips to help you improve your work. Finally, with Mailchimp Mobile Dashboard, you can check in from anywhere.

Price: Ranges from Free to Growing ($10/month) to Pro ($199/month)


2. List Builder

List Builder is another tool built by AppSumo, which helps users to build up mailing lists. With pops which are triggered by clicks and timers, the tool captures visitors right before they are about to leave your site. You can find this tool very easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable features.

Price: The company offers 4 different packages: Free – Professional ($24/month) – Small Business ($59/month) – Ecommerce ($199/month) – Team (Contact Sumo).


3. AWeber

Email Marketing Tools AWeber
You may heard about AWeber many times before because it is a very popular email marketing tool with many great features. Just drag and drop, you can easily craft automated emails and take advantage of their high-quality autoresponder capabilities. Moreover, you can create subscription forms and then put them on the website, blog or Facebook page to trigger people to subscribe. You can also use the tool to pull up charts which show the open or click rate within your message.

Price: Ranges from $19 per month to $149 per month, plus an enterprise package.


4. Vero

This is an useful email marketing tool that can help you to keep track and store customer data as well as events in real time. After that, you can use the information to create segments easily, which means you don’t have to do any coding and can send out automated emails. For instance, when users have just given up on the shopping cart, they can be targeted with an email hours or days later. In the future, this tool can be integrated with an email delivery provider like Sendgrid.

Price: The company has various different packages: Starter package ($99/month), Growth ($299/month), Pro ($549/month), Scale ($749/month) and Enterprise ($1049/month).


5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is among the most email marketing solution for markteters which provides you with an easy-to-use drag and drop email builder and a drag-and-drop segmenting tool (used to create different campaigns with different contacts). With the template to create email, you can easily to customise emails to get it fixed for your brand. Besides, this email marketing tool offers A/B testing that can be used to optimise test subject lines, sender details as well as email designs.

Price: Ranges from €9/month to €149/month, depending on the package you choose.


6. Drip

Email Marketing Tools  Drip from Leadpages

If you are eCommerce businesses, digital marketers, and bloggers, Drip is an ideal choice for you. The tool have integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, which help you find it easier add sign up forms and capture leads. Moreover, it contains a lot of features to stay competitive in the market. Its fun features include smart email segmentation, list groups, and even some tools for helping users to target certain audiences. Above all, Drip is also a marketing automation tool - the tool that goes beyond email blasts.

Price: Ranges from free (for starter package) to $83 per month. The company also offer an Enterprise package (prices are available upon request).


7. Convert Kit

Although ConvertKit is a new platform in the marketplace and relatively unknown, there are many consultants and digitally based business owners are using it because of the tagging features which is considered as unbeatably simple yet extremely powerful for audience segmentation. The users of this platform can enjoy the simplicity of creating and visualizing email sequences with useful features including a series of welcome and “getting to know you” emails for new subscribers, and so on. If you want to rely on sharing your expertise by content upgrades (such as a free worksheet or ebook) and email opt-ins to attract new subscribers, ConvertKit is exactly the right email marketing platform for you. This is because it is the only email marketing platform which offers downloadable opt-in management without requiring a third-party integration.

Price: Ranges from $29 for each month (for 0 - 1000 subscribers) to $79 for each month (for 3 - 5000 subscribers) and an additional package with price which is calculated based on the number of subscribers.


8. ActiveCampaign

This tool is an all-in-one software solution that contains email marketing tools combined with Sales and CRM. By offering an easy-to-use email template editor, ActiveCampaign allows you to get campaigns up and running in no time as it has templates for mobile. Besides, you can segment their contact list based on many different factors such as behaviour, actions, location and so on. Finally, one of the most great things about ActiveCampaign is that it integrates well with WordPress

Price: Ranges from $17/month (Lite) to $229/month (Enterprise).


9. Litmus

Email Marketing Tools  automation software

Litmus is one of the maila marketing tool that is mainly focused on tracking and testing your emails. The tool provides you with a huge selection of customisable templates to create emails. With a web-based drag-and-drop editor, every marketer can easily build their own emails. On interesting thing is that this email marketing tool allows you to export detailed engagement summary reports (including deletions, open rate, geolocation, how long email was open, and more) after emails have been built, previewed (in both mobile and desktop) and sent out to customers in your contact list(s).

Price: Ranges from $79 per month to $399 per month. The company also offer custom packages (price changes upon request).


10. Active Trail

This platform works as an automated communications tool which focuses on email marketing and SMS campaigns. Users can easily create SMS and email with its user-friendly newsletter and email editor. In addition to drag-and-drop interface which can be useful for beginners, they also provide an advanced image editor for those with higher level.

Moreover, the tool provides the predictive delivery to help users predict the optimal time for sending emails to their customers. Active Trail also has many useful functions including ready-to-use sign up, A/B testing, lead forms and Personalisation tools.

Price: Ranges from $7 per month to $55 per month.


11. Vertical Response

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform that provides a generous free option and live support, VerticalResponse is what you can count on. With their free plan, you can get access to many features - including 4,000 emails for each month - and can upgrade when your lists grows or you want to have more advanced capabilities.

The most useful feature of VerticalResponse are Autoresponders and Advanced Reporting. The former can help you to automatically resends emails to your customers who didn't open it the first time, which is said to increase the open rates by 30 percent on average . And the latter includes usefuls tools such as geographic location, heat maps, and device indicators, which provide insights about your subscribers, letting you know how your emails are read, so that you can improve your email marketing strategy on future campaigns.

Price: Ranges from free to $196 per month (for Pro+ package) depending on the size of your email list.


12. Mailjet

Email Marketing Tools  Mailjet

If you are seeking for an all-in-one tool to do email marketing, Mailjet is exactly what you need. This tool is an useful way for you to send, track and deliver transactional and marketing emails. Some of the outstanding features of Mailjet I can mention include personalisation, its intuitive email editor (e.g. drag-and-drop and ready-to-use newsletter templates), contact management, smart market segmentation, and a free plug-and-play email API.

Price: Ranges from free to $12.92 per month. There is also an enterprise package available (price changes upon request).


13. CakeMail

This tool is designed for the use of new marketers or small business because it is very easy to use. With CakeMail, all you have to do is to title your new campaigns, set up list of recipients, give your emails appropriate design and select the right time to send them out.

However, people with higher level in tech (especially in HTML) can enjoy advanced editing section. This platform can be integrated with Google Analytics so users can track performance metrics on insights such as unsubscribe rates, open rates, click or bounce.

Price: Ranges from $8 per month to $119 per month depending on the size of email list.


14. Emma

The name of this platform is a combination of "email" and "marketing. Emma offers standout feature such as auto-responses and customizations. If you are a seasoned pro at email marketing and are seeking for a fully tricked-out platform, Emma is exactly what you need. You can also integrate this tool with a lot of other programs such as Aviary, Google Analytics and several social media channels. Reporting features are extremely easy to use and bring about a good overview of results.

Price: Ranges from $89 per month (for Pro package) to $729 per month (for Enterprise package).


15. Reach Mail

Email Marketing vs Social Media

If your business has just started out with email marketing, Reach Mail may be a great choice for you. You can use this tool to create, schedule and send emails, all of which can be done with the free package. Moreover, the company offers paid packages that enable users to have more customisation options. The free option is the thing that helps Reach Mail stand out as other companies normally offer free packages for a certain period. This tool also includes an easy-to-use testing feature which allows users to test their email campaigns on a percentage of their subscriber list.

Price: If you want to upgrade from the free version, price ranges from $10 per month to $70 per month.