25 Best Content Marketing Platforms You Need to Know in 2020

By Rich Homer Saturday, January 11, 2020
Content marketing is an integral part of the overall digital marketing campaign. It helps to deliver brand’s message to the right customers with no or very low cost. However, to succeed in content marketing, marketers need to know about the best platforms for creating, editing, delivering content, etc.

So which platforms you should choose? Why should you choose them? That’s what I will share with you in this article: 25 best content marketing platforms you need to know.

25 Best Content Marketing Platforms You Need to Know in 2019
image: Copify

1. Wix

This is an useful platform for you to create stunning and professional websites. The platform provides users with various ways to build their site including Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI) , Wix Editor, and Wix Code.

With powerful features of Wix, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can find it very easy to build a website. You can create a unique site with professional text, images and more using Wix ADI. Wix Editor allows you to design your website with advanced functionality as well as easy drag and drop. With Wix Code, you can easily create state-of-the-art site and apps

2. Outgrow

If you are seeking for a content marketing platform that allows you to create recommendations, calculators, and quizzes in order to better qualify, acquire, and engage with leads, Outgrow is exactly what you need.

On some specific sites like lawyers websites, people would prefer to click on a calculator that shows how much customers can save in legal fees rather than the contact me button. Powerful and useful features of Outgrow allows you to knowledge tests, build ROI calculators, fun quizzes and recommendations in minutes on your own.

3. HubSpot

Since its foundation in 2006, HubSpot has been used worldwide. The company really become indispensable when the content marketing revolution started. While the tool is used by all content marketers of all level, beginners should get used to it to better manage their content marketing campaigns. The best features of Hubspot you can use to improve your content include Inline Content Editor, HubSpot Website Platform, SEO View and Social Inbox.

4. Lumen5

This is a video creation platform which is designed for brands and businesses to produce social content in order to drive audience engagements online. Lumen5 allows users at any level to create attractive content within minutes. The technology allows marketing teams to pay attention to the story and narrative when relying on Lumen5’s system to do the heavy lifting.

5. TextBroker

TextBroker provides you with high quality content at a very competitive price. This is a service for leading article and content writing to be used on blog posts, product descriptions, as well as technical content. Whether you are running a small business or a large one, TextBroker can meet your needs.

6. Percolate

If you want to find an end to end content marketing platform for enterprises, Percolate maybe what you need. This platform offers content management, social media management.
and brand management. With Percolate’s planning and campaign management features, you can effectively coordinate content marketing through all channels, markets, and teams. Also, you can do marketing analysis with Percolate.

7. Ceros

This is a content marketing platform which provides end to end solutions for content creators. Ceros offer an easy drag and drop format and you can publish your content with just one botton. This content marketing platform support all types of media assets including fonts, images, video, contact forms, widgets, and so on.

8. Kapost

This is an useful content marketing platform which helps to streamline content marketing initiatives. With this platform, you can deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. Moreover, Kapost can also allows you to manage content processes and content editorial from the beginning to the end. For instance, you can organize content writer, manage editorial calendar, promote your content, and measure the results.

9. Klout

This platform can rate users on the basis of their social media influence through social media analytics. Besides, it creates user profiles by using data from different social media channels so as to determine their Klout score. With their powerful analytic tools, you can learn how your audience engage with your content and study real time data to optimize your content. Here are some amazing features of Klout: Analytics, Social Media Engagement, Optimization, Klout Pricing and Klout Review.

10. Uberflip

This is a content marketing automation software which is cloud based. Uberflip allows you to bring all the content you need to one central hub. With this platform, you can effectively manage and aggregate your videos, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and so on. Moreover, this platform also offers content performance analytics so that you can craft and publish dynamic content.

11. GetSocial

There are 80 percentages of shares which are made through messaging apps, copy-paste, and email. GetSocial solves this by providing users with a unique blend of social widgets for over 30 networks which helps to improve organic social traffic, detailed analytics about sharing activity including dark social, tools to automate publishing and a revolutionary URL shortener that tracks 100% of social activity after the first click.

12. ClearVoice

This is a content creating and marketing platform. It provides users with powerful project management tools and talented network so as to automates all of the content marketing processes. This platform integrates collaboration, editing, and approval tools with an established marketplace of freelancers. Both internal and external teams can edit cohesively.

13. Scripted

Scripted provides users with writing services for generating content for small businesses, startups, enterprises, and so on. This content marketing platform offers a collection of pre-vetted writers. Scripted also provides you with analytics dashboard.

14. Curata

This is an effective content platform that enables you to increase leads and revenue with content . To do that, it allows you to discover quality content. Here are amazing features of Cutara that you can use: Campaign management, Categorization / Grouping, Conversion tracking, Distribution management, Editorial calendar, SEO and social media management.

15. Acrolinx

This content marketing platform is a AI-powered platform which is focused on delivering quality content. Acrolinx uses a unique linguistic analytics engine that can read content and provide users with useful guidance. The platform also support the total content creation ecosystem from defining your goals, to guiding content writers and measuring content performance.

16. OneSpot

This platform studies the content consumption pattern of the users. It delivers specific individualized content experiences across many channels. The platform also helps to guide your content strategy with data driven content intelligence. Moreover, you can use content analytics feature to evaluate if your strategies are effective or not.

17. Zerys

This is the content marketing platform that can bring marketers, writers and agencies to the same place. Zerys is also known as a powerful content marketing software as it can help you to build content strategy, review editorial workflow, plan editorial calendar and more. This platform has built-in SEO too.

18. Animaker

Animaker empowers users to create easy, affordable and creative visual content. With useful tools including Infographic video maker and Vertical video maker, Animaker is the right choice for anyone who is looking for a creative studio in-house.

19. LookBook HQ

This platform provides you with features to do with content engagement and automation. The platform helps you to work effectively on every stage of the funnel. Also, it helps you to nurture generate leads. Finally, the platform allows you to build account-based marketing campaigns.

20. Percussion

If you want a powerful system for web content management, you can count on Percussion. This platform helps to build content-rich mobile friendly websites. Also, you can optimize your content for search with Percussion. What is more, this platform allows you to publish and distribute content through many different channels and measure content performance.

21. Copify

Copify offers copy and content writing services. This content marketing platform has a team of qualified writers to deliver copy on customer’s demand. You can give writers the brief and they will work on it. Copify also provides you with proofreading and formatting services.

22. Kajabi

This platform helps users to sell content online. It contains all the tool you would need to start as well as manage your online business such as a course creator in order to turn content into digital products, a website to show customers your store of digital products, sales tools to make getting paid for your content easy, email marketing to turn your leads into customers, landing pages to grow your audience, and so on.

23. Promoboxx

This content marketing platform helps to connect national brands and retailers on the same platform. It allows brands to put local ads in front of the right consumers. With the help of a dashboard, brands can easily connect with their retailer partners. Brand approved campaigns can be customized for each retailer.

24. Joomag

This platform is one of the all-in-one content marketing platform that you should use. It provides you with integrated solutions for content problems from content marketing, corporate communications, digital publishing to sales engagement needs.

25. Beacon

This platform allows you to convert blog articles into an ebook automatically. You can create a beautiful ebook by yourself within minutes without the help of any designer. It’s very easy to use Beacon too. You just have to choose the articles you want to include, add extra pages and then customise the design by clicking the button. You can make use of ebook to generate new leads through sharing on social media channels, embedding on your sites or downloading a pdf version.