5 Best Email Marketing Automation Softwares

By Rich Homer Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Email marketing has proven its important role in the overall marketing campaigns. And to be really successful with it, you will have to send the right message to the right recipient at the right time. There are many useful tools to help you deal with this. To save more time, get more success, you will need to use email marketing automation softwares.
Top 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Softwares

According to Adestra Marketer vs Machine 2015, automation helps marketers to save time by 74%, increase customer engagement by 68%, get 58% more timely communications as well as rise opportunities like up-selling by 58%.

Well, with the obvious benefits of automation, there is no denying that email marketers should find the best way to take advantage of such a kind of tool. But how to find the right email marketing automation software? In this article, I will share with you the best automation platforms that you can consider to choose from. Let’s dive in!

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1. Drip

email marketing automation softwares Drip

If you are eCommerce businesses, digital marketers, and bloggers, Drip is an ideal choice for you. The tool have integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, which help you find it easier add sign up forms and capture leads. Moreover, it contains a lot of features to stay competitive in the market. Its fun features include smart email segmentation, list groups, and even some tools for helping users to target certain audiences. Above all, Drip is a marketing automation tool - the tool that goes beyond email blasts.

It is easy for you to set up a multi-day drip email course with this tool. With over 15 automation triggers and actions the tool offers, you can automate almost all of anything you can imagine.

Whenever an existing subscriber visits your website, interacto your content, read or clicks through links in your emails, the lead scoring algorithm of this tool will adjust the lead score.

Also, they integrates with almost all of the popular email list building plugins including OptinMonster, Leadpages, Thrive Leads and so on.


  • - The tool allows you to address any of your automation needs. All of this will be done based on individual subscribers actions
  • - You can easily graph out your campaigns by using their visual designer to set up tagging, wait as well as emails.
  • - You can easily keep track of the sales conversion by subscriber or keep track of other specified goals that you want a subscriber to complete.
  • - This tool enables you to know how many subscribers are going through a specific automation at any time you want.


  • - Drip is not suitable for beginner bloggers or marketers. Inexperienced users will take quite a long time to set up.
  • - The price is not cheap. However, if you can take full advantage of this tool, the results will worth the pay.

2. Act-On

email marketing automation softwares Act-on

This email marketing tool is built to appeal, entice, nurture and convert your potential customers. This tool provides you with drag-and-drop email builder, which is very easy to use. Besides, it contain many useful features including A/B testing, segmentation tools based on behavior, automated email to nurture email marketing campaigns through triggers or rules, personalization as well as dynamic content.

In addition to email automation, you can take advantage of the SEO audit, social media publishing capabilities and tracking, lead scoring, website visitor tracking, form builders and landing page.


  • - Many great features for users
  • - This is an easy to use software
  • - The company offers very good customer service


  • - Some users wish if there would be more advanced features with designs.
  • - Landing pages do not have as many options as other softwares
  • - If your company does not have CRM expert to manage database connections, this software would be difficult to use.

3. CallidusCloud

email marketing automation softwares CallidusCloud

CallidusCloud is another automation email marketing tool that you can choose. This tool will provide features to help you to identify visitors, create email marketing, nurture leads, an so on. With its powerful features, the tool promise its customers to master one-to-one personalized messaging.

Using this platform, you can easily and quickly build website visitor list, create emails (with access to HTML templates), create campaigns that can be tracked with an intuitive editor, export detailed and actionable reports for all the emails’ performance.

In addition to email, CallidusCloud provides you with lead scoring, web-visitor intelligence and easy CRM integrations.


  • - This tool works very effectively in terms of lead nurturing and visitor identification.
  • - You can find it easy to use the UI/UX
  • - The company has a very good customer service team.


  • - The features of email builder and social media are slightly not as strong as other systems.
  • - The navigation features of CallidusCloud are not the most friendly for users.

4. Hubspot

email marketing automation softwares Hubspot

Hubspot is among the popular email marketing tools that enables users to create personalized and automated email workflows. When there is a recipient who click through the link in your email to visit your sites, the sophisticated software will touch them at the right time in the digital journey.

This automation tool allow you to personalize your email from head to toe, create smart content using dynamic technology, build advanced list of segmentation.

Beyond emails, Hubspot also offers other services which help to automate social posta as well as build new landing pages.

The company has three different packages ranging from $200 per month to $2,000 per month


  • - The tool continuously ranks number 1 in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • - Hubspot is also considered superior in regards to visitors attraction and leads increase


  • - When it comes to integration with other products and tools (social media management), this tool could use improvement.
  • - It can be costly when you have a large list of contacts.

5. Infusionsoft

email marketing automation softwares Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft provides you with a sophisticated system to make sure you would never miss any opportunity to capture and convert a lead. With triggered personalized emails which are based on users interaction including opens, clicks, or purchase history, you can easily streamline your marketing process using this tool.

Here are what you can do with Infusionsoft:

  • - Use limitless workflow capabilities and rules to harness campaign builder
  • - Have email personalization by leveraging the integrated CRM
  • - Easily build landing pages as well as web forms by yourself
  • - Keep track of visitor intelligence on your website
  • - Have reports on real-time campaigns

If you want to use Infusionsoft platform to take advantage of its powerful features, you will have to pay from $199 for each month


  • - Offering powerful campaign builder and automation triggers
  • - The capabilities of affiliate marketing are pretty good.


  • - New users will have to spend a plenty of time to learn how to use Infusionsoft’s features.

If you have any question, please leave a comment. We will discuss together. Thanks for reading!