7 Content Marketing Case Studies Every Marketer Can Learn From

By Rich Homer Thursday, September 12, 2019
It’s not easy to evaluate the results of a content marketing campaign. And it’s not simple to forecast if it will be a big success or a terrible failure. Fortunately, we still have successful case studies of to look at in order to see its impact and learn from the process.

Good case studies are a great source of idea and audience reaction, which you can learn and develop your own campaigns.

Let’s discover how content can help to cultivate your marketing efforts.

content marketing case study

1. GoPro

GoPro is a camera with HD-quality, including video recording and waterproof functions. Marketing direction of the brand is mainly about sports and extreme adventures. As this is quite similar to another brand - Red bull, they work together on some content marketing campaigns.
GoPro will provide the equipment to capture the amazing stunts while Red Bull sponsors some great athletes. And this idea brings about wonderful results.

An interesting point in GoPro’s content marketing campaigns is that the content is produced not only by extreme sport players but also normal people. Through this, the brand send a message saying that everyone can pick up a GoPro and record everything happening to keep memorable moments.

After that, GoPro uploads a lot of video content made by fans on their Youtube channel to create a larger impact. Especially, if you have a great affection for extreme stunts or hilarious animal behavior - this channel is exactly the right place for you to watch amazing videos.

Youtube is among the most important social channels of GoPro. And they are really successful in making it rock. In addition to featuring best videos received from fans, they interact to them very well. GoPro team always respond to comments and connect with fans. This comes to an end, people love them and help to spread the word by subscribing and sharing their content.

2. Birchbox’s

Birchbox is a popular brand that provides monthly beauty boxes. They also have an extensive program for beauty products. And they do marketing for this by provide a large number of tutorials and how-to-videos to help their fans do makeup for themselves.

This is the perfect idea for every beauty shop. These videos are the ideal way to naturally put their products right in front of their prospects without annoying them and provide useful information the customers are craving for. By doing this, their products become a wonderful solution for customers’ problems, they are no longer a product that brands are trying to promote.

3. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is an airline company, which serves more than 30 destinations all around the world. They have created a better type of content to do marketing than travel advice - content on their blog.

They post engaging content about the destinations Virgin Atlantic can bring people to and the amazing activities they can do there, including international events, regional festivals, or amazing trips to famous cities in the world, etc.

A selling point of Virgin Atlantic blog is that they have curated Instagram galleries, which can bring about a vivid look of cities and places people want to visit.

Building a blog is not a unique idea but it’s about how it has been done. And Virgin Atlantic is successful in creating a perfect blog - a perfect place for traveling lovers.

4. Intel

Launching an employee-curated magazine called iQ for the purpose of “connecting with a younger audience and tell them the bigger story of who we are as a brand,” (Editor-in-Chief Bryan Rhoads) in 2012, Intel reached an impressive result with 2.2 million unique visitors.

Intel team created a mix of many different types of content: content created by iQ Intel staff or freelancers, content from partner companies and curated content from outside sources.

The key factor making iQ succeed is the distribution strategy, the team always right the right target audience. Their distribution channels are the combination of social media and native platforms, such as Sharethrough, Outbrain, and Taboola.

Intel’s iQ content marketing campaign teaches us a valuable lesson that you’ll need to find a right spot where your content and message intersects with the conversations that are going on.

5. Hubspot

As we all know, Hubspot has a great blog providing interesting and useful information about inbound and social media marketing. However, this is not their limitation, they has a lot of more content to share and spread.

Their excellent idea is to provide their customers useful materials to make their life easier and they can get them everywhere. The content may come in different formats including guides, white papers, free templates, etc.

The Hubspot team are experts in social selling - they try to solve all customers’ problems and handle their pain points even prior to their becoming real customers.

6. Intelligentsia Coffee

At the beginning, Intelligentsia Coffee was an in-store coffee roaster in Chicago which provided coffee for their coffee bar. Over years, they have built coffee bars in in three big cities in the US: Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. They engage in every part of the process, from working with coffee producers to developing the best coffee along with their farmers to bring about coffee with high quality and really good taste.

They are doing content marketing with their own blog and what is more, a new version of white papers. They establish Brew Guides version which includes guides for almost any brewing process people may think of. Not only can Intelligentsia tell you how to make a cup of perfect French press coffee, they can also guide you how to make a cup of scented espresso.

This kind of content is valuable and effective because it is exactly what people need and want. And although this content marketing case study is simple, they can still succeed because their information is realistic, professional and extremely useful.

7. Fisher Tank

As we see now, the above content marketing case studies in this article are about rather low priced products. So is it possible for content marketing to succeed in selling things with big amounts of money. Well, we can find the “yes” answer with the case of Fisher Tank.

The company makes giant, above ground welded-steel tanks. Unlike the above projects, these are multi-million dollar deals.

Having been depending on cold-calling sales through years, Fisher Tank took a big step when they turn to content marketing.

Their idea is about creating a “Think Tank Blog” with social media links and share buttons as well as a new website and calls-to-actions on their site. Amazingly, they had seen incredible results on their sites after only 12 weeks: the overall web traffic increased by 119%, traffic from social media increased by 4,800%, lead conversions increased by 3,900%, page 1 keyword rankings increased by 600%, etc.


There are many great content marketing case studies out there for you to study and learn. However, don’t just look at the successful ones, find the failed cases, figure out why and then learn lessons from them.

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