Best Content Marketing Channels you should not miss on social media

By Rich Homer Wednesday, September 18, 2019
To succeed with your digital marketing strategy, you will need to find the ways to spread your content to the relevant audience. The larger number of your prospects are, the bigger chance you have to pull their attention and push them to take action.

And you can do that by finding the right channels to distribute your content. Among the platforms marketers often use in digital marketing realm, social media channels are very large and prospective places that you can jump in and take advantage from.

So what are social channels that you should use and why? Let’s dive in to find out.
best content marketing channels

1. Facebook


With a vast number of users around the world, Facebook is among the largest and most effective networks for content marketers. It provides your content with good chance to go viral in an organic way or through advertising.

As a facebook marketer, you can make use of it through many different ways including:

  • - Building a Facebook page: This is the most common way to access your audience. Just like your website, Facebook page is where you can put all types of your content on and its name is about your brand.
  • - Posting Facebook instant article: People like to read, so using Facebook instant articles to post short articles similar to those that might be published on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium is a great way to increase Facebook following
  • - Creating Facebook groups: This is the place of really concerning people because they just join the groups when they care about the topics. So try to find all groups relevant to your niche or create your own, and then use your content to attract audience and drive them to you.
  • - Running Facebook ads: This is an effective way to promote your content further on Facebook. Through running Facebook ads, you can choose exactly who it will be exposed to by filtering location, age, gender, interest, and so on. This will cost you money, of course, but if you can use it effectively, you will get what you deserve.

2. Instagram


Instagram is another large social networks and it’s popular among many youngsters. This is the perfect place for you to share your video content or visual content such as images, slideshows and collages. In this platform, hashtags are key to making your content seen by more users.

You can promote your content via Instagram by:

  • - Sending direct message: Towards B2B content marketers, Instagram direct messaging is an ideal way to promote content. You can reach out to your prospective customer on an individual basis to provide them with the value you have.
  • - Promoting content: You can use sponsored posts to reach a broader audience, get more followers and interactions.

3. Twitter


Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a popular network with millions monthly active users. This platform is good for entertainment, politics, social commentary and business. By tweeting out interesting and useful content, videos or images, you can pull people’s attention and drive them to your website. Using the right hashtag is also a good way to drive your audience to you.

Here are what you can use via Twitter:

  • - Twitter direct messages: Direct message is important, particularly in B2B situations
  • - Twitter moments: If you're posting a series of tweets on Twitter, maybe it’s because you are tweeting an event live, you may want to create a Twitter moment, which is essentially an easy-to-digest slideshow of tweets you select.
  • - Twitter ads: To help your content appear in front of a larger number audience, you can use Twitter ads.

4. Snapchat


This is the social networks that boasts millions of monthly active users and it is popular among millennials.

If you has an evolving or serialized story to tell, Snapchat is exactly what you need. This platform is also an ideal choice for event content marketing as it allow you to document entire events from start to finish as well as encourage your attendees to do the same with geofilters that are exclusive to your events’ location.

You can use Snapchat as an effective network for content marketing through the following factors:

  • - Geofilters: This is great for local businesses and event marketing as they allow you offer free branded filters to users in a specified location
  • - Snapchat ads: Snapchat provides a self-service ad platform that let your video content to show up after Snapchat stories end.
  • - Sponsored filters: Many large brands often pay for a Snapchat filter so as to promote a product or event

5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional larger network for business-related interactions which performs as an excellent hunting ground for B2B content marketers. With it, you can just posting content through your LinkedIn profile or business page.

Here are how you can use LinkedIn to further promote your content:

  • - LinkedIn pulse articles: The platform let you post fully fledged articles within their ecosystem. This is an ideal place for sharing opinions and announcing news
  • - LinkedIn groups: Like groups on Facebook, you can join LinkedIn groups that have the same topics as yours and get involved in conversations.
  • - LinkedIn ads: As many other platforms, you can sponsor specific posts to reach out to more audience.

6. WhatsApp


Not just a platform for you to chat with friends and family, this is an effective content marketing channels that you can use. With a huge number of users all over the world, Whatsapp has become a news source in many countries.

Many marketers have deployed Whatsapp’s chatbots for giveaways, customer support and engagement and it’s really helpful for their business. Moreover, you can use your creativity to use this platform.