How to choose a great b2b content marketing agency?

By Rich Homer Saturday, September 14, 2019
Choosing an agency to help with your content marketing strategy is a big decision because it may cost you a lot of money. The agency you decide to work with will have to be the trusted brand that can help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.

In this article, you’ll find effective ways to identify the great content marketing agency that is most relevant to your demands.

The most important advice for you is that don’t find the best but the best fit. You shouldn’t find the largest or the most profitable agency, but the right one for you at this moment. Look at the agency’s culture to make sure it match yours. To do this, you will have to spend time on searching. Here are how you can do such an effort:

1. What are their strengths?

How to choose a great b2b content marketing agency?

Ask what they do best and what are their main service? If you want to hire an agency that helps you through all projects, ensure that they are good at your key requirements. Ask them if their services are focusing on B2B or B2C, if they excel at digital marketing, web design, public relations or lead generation, and whether they know your industry or not. After you have all this factors clarified, you can see they are a good choice or decide to find another one.

2. Study their case studies

Ask for whole case studies and isolate the best ones. Study these cases in terms of goals, strategies, tactics and outcomes to see if it is effective and relevant to your projects. It’s obvious that projects vary from company to company, but it still helps when you look at them. You can find out what types of projects the B2B marketing agency has worked on.

Have they worked on larger or smaller projects? Long-term or short-term projects? Regional, national or international projects? Ensure that they understand your goals and has abilities to tailor the marketing services to meet what you need.

3. Look at their content strategy

Successful strategy takes into account things such as personas, buying triggers and buying stages. Once you can identify exactly what you want, your chances of achieve your target will increase. The agency should help you aim prior to start and you have to see the evidence proving that.

4. Check out their own content

A content marketing agency has to do what they preach. It’s the easiest way to find out if their content is effective. You can read their blog, facebook posts and watch their videos; check out all their media channels, such as Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. They should be doing content marketing for themselves, if not, it’s very suspicious.

5. Talk to existing clients

Besides looking at their work, you need to talk to their existing clients too. A seasoned and professional B2B content marketing agency will have a list of clients you can contact. Much like you would ask a prospective staff for references, you should be asking a good content marketing agency for reference as well.

6. Ask about promoting support

After creating content, you will have to promote it to bring it in front of your prospective customers. Ask agency’s staff to know what they can do to support your content promotion.
If you already have strong channels or detailed plan to deliver content effectively, maybe you just need them to focus on content generating part. However, promotional techniques always change, so agency that’s good at this will be an asset.

7. Talk about metrics

One of the most important step in running a content marketing campaign is measuring. While you have finished creating, publishing and promoting content through various channels, you need to use metrics to see if it is working.

doing content marketing means that you have to work with data, so if your agency is comfortable with data, it’s a good new. Talk about the metrics they tend to keep track of in their content marketing and the reasons why they do so.

8. Ask about lead nurturing

Towards most B2B marketing departments, marketing automation and lead nurturing are vital parts which contribute to content marketing success. Your agency should be able to help you set up a rigorous lead nurturing process, or at least they should be able to feed your existing one.

This mean that they can understand the purchase stages your buyers will be going through, mapping content to each stage and keeping track of each lead's progress through it. Of course you can ask other consultancy for this task, but your content marketing agency needs to have the ability to speak the same language.

9. Focus on SEO performance

For most brands, search is a critical part of content marketing. As a result, make sure that your agency understand how content drives search rankings and doesn’t just leave that to the SEO specialists. a tip for you is that you can see how the agency improve search itself by searching their own terms.

10. Ask about capacity and speed of delivery

Because many agencies tend to hire freelancers to flex up to meet demand. So don’t just looking for bodies. You can ask to see a few of their editorial calendars which can show how much content they can generate and how quickly they can do that.


When you are finding a content marketing agency, you have to pay attention to details that can prove the agency is not the good one. Here are some examples:

  • Agencies that promise to meet tight deadlines without reducing the scope
  • Vague proposals that don’t detail what is included
  • Vastly different proposals from seemingly similar agencies
  • Lack of follow-through in the sales process