10 incredible benefits of infographics in content marketing

By Rich Homer Saturday, September 14, 2019
As we are living in the age of “Big data”, there are millions of pieces of data that we have to see every day. How to organize, collate and curate information is the issue we are facing. Imagine what will happen when your audience is continuously crammed with tons of information of services and products every day, they will soon be saturated and forget all they’ve read.

This is a bad new to all brands, but it’s true. If you don’t find an effective way to convey your information and as a result your message to audience, you will be no one but a failure in the content marketing arena.

Fortunately, marketers have found an amazing way to do such efforts - using infographics. So what are the benefits of infographics? Let’s dive in to figure out!

10 incredible benefits of infographics in content marketing

1. Infographics can help to pull your audience attention into the front seat.

According to human spyche, people are likely to be attracted by visual elements more. They need the “optic nerve” to be activated so as to process most of the information that comes into their mind, and interestingly all of these are visual pieces of information.

All the information that is highly visual will be easily scanned and viewed and consequently become more compelling and attractive.

2. Infographics can make content go viral

According to MDG Advertising, Visual marketing materials such as images or graphics can lead to 94% more views than content that doesn’t include any images or other visual materials. The report also states that articles containing images can increase 14% page views.

With attractive images, icons and other designed items, infographics can become really compelling and push people to share among their networks. Consequently, content will easily go viral and spread over millions of audience.

3. Infographics can help to raise brand awareness

The main purpose of infographics is to provide with the information that the brands need to bring to their customers. Through the way, the creators will include things that help to raise brand awareness such as brand name, logo, key products or services, website or facebook address and contact information.

Thanks to the amazing ability to spread over a lot of audience of infographics, you can make they remember your company and make it become top of mind when customers want to search for a service or product.

4. Infographics can benefit search engine optimization

Publishing, sharing or embedding infographics through social networks or other online channels can lead to more backlinks. You’ll have an abundance of inbound links that can improve your site’s search position.

Additionally, not only can your infographics be posted on your website, it can be also syndicated and appear on other sites. You can do this as long as they have links back to the source - you.

5. Infographics can help to broaden your networks.

An infographic that is compelling can draw many people’s attention. They are likely to react to and share it more. As a result, more and more people know about you and your followers will increase.

6. Infographics are portable and easily embeddable.

One of the most amazing characteristics of an infographic is that it is portable and easily embeddable. When designing, developing and publishing an infographic, the code to put it on a WordPress platform is provided as an embed code. This will automatically create an link from other sites to yours.

Any infographic is designed to contain short, easy-to-understand text so as to emphasize important information. This helps to make it become more palatable to non-English users.

7. Infographics help audience easily follow your content

By designing relevant images and icons and divide the information into short paragraph, you can make your content extremely easy to follow. Towards 67% consumers, clear and detailed images are more important and are likely to attract them than other elements.

In the age that people have to see vast information every day, your prospective audience will favour small but relevant pieces of visual information that they can follow, understand and finally remember.

8. Infographics can be used in other place rather than digital marketing

Not just online marketing, you can take advantages of infographics in other marketing activities such as print materials, brochures and other offline tools to reach out to vast audience.

9. Infographics show an expert understanding of the topic

The infographic that includes number and fact and any other information requires research. This will demonstrate your knowledge and position you as an expert on the category or topic.

10. You can measure infographics effectiveness via analytics

Just like other types of content, you can measure the effectiveness of infographics by using analytics. For instance, you can know the number of people click, view, react to or share and infographics through social networks and other online platforms.

This will provide you with great insights understanding of your prospective audience. After all, you can evaluate your effort and make change if needed.


In nowadays society, where people are saturated with information from many aspects of the life. What you need to do is provide with the relevant information in the right format. Even when yours is relevant, interesting or bring about many benefits to customers, they will still forget if you can not pull their attention. That’s the reason why infographics become a vital tool to help consumers focus on the most important piece of your message.