3 Amazing Ways to Attract More Customers with Targeted Content Marketing

By Rich Homer Friday, September 13, 2019
Content marketing has become the best bet for all marketers to achieve their goals in marketing campaign. When it comes to content marketing strategy, there are two ways you can go through. The first is to follow the spaghetti method in which you craft a mass number of content to reach out to vast audience. And the second is the better one - using targeted content marketing.

targeted content marketing

There are several benefits of targeted content marketing, including:

  • Improves Timing & Reach: Targeted content marketing allows you to bypass the w all of existing content. This may be implemented by a variety of content formats including videos, infographic, blog posts and similar one crafted specifically for an audience. Targeting content means that you are crafting content with a specific group of people in mind and try to deliver the content in order to reach the relevant group.
  • Reduces Time Needed To Create Content: The smaller your audience is, the easier and the faster you can create appropriate content to reach out to them. When you actually know who your audience is and how to attract them, you will have a better idea of a type of content and the topics it is related to.
  • Improves Brand Perception: And last, but not least, targeted content marketing can help to increase people’s perceptions of your brand. When publishing a content that addresses a specific customer’s specific needs, you can prove that person that you get what she/he wants and that your on their side. After all, people will trust you and remember your brand’s name.

Targeted content marketing is the road of many successful business. To make such an effort, you have to understand your customer so as to create content that can provide them with what they need and want.

If you are a marketer who want to succeed with content marketing strategy, this is what you may need. Let’s discover 3 amazing ways to get more customers with targeted content marketing.

1. Crafting content that is valuable to existing and prospective customers.

Get started by asking yourself questions such as: What industry information your customers are missing? What can you do to bring about benefits for your customers? What will your customers be likely to be interested in, and have motivation to like, share and follow the pieces of content?

You can do this by using analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insight. Spend time to understand more about your audience, you need to know who they are, what they are interested in, what time they are likely to be online, and so on. You should build a database about your customers depending on what you’ve studied to use in content planning.

Once you already get to know your customers well, you can answer their questions with engaging content that furthers your overall brand narrative. Yes, this requires you to combine your researching results and your creativity. Questions from customers, constituents, donors and advocates alike can really help you to shape your approach and further help you to produce interesting content that can align with your mission.

targeted content marketing

2. Target your audience on social channels.

Take advantage of all social channels targeting to access your target audience. Say you are using Facebook Ads to increase views of an event. You can target people who live in that area, and you can also create an audience of people who have visited your site who are interested in the event. Fuel social impressions by building the same audience whose behaviours are similar to your site’s visitors, and write copy of content to attract them directly.

3. Use your analytics.

Thanks to outreach platforms, you can track anything in regard of your customers’ feeling and behaviours. Taking full advantages of these platform is the key factor to influence your readers.

Remember to use analytical data to follow up on messages and convert casual followers into your frequent followers, prospects or customers. Divide your customers into smaller groups depending on age, gender, geography, time of the day and days of the week they are mostly active online.

Effectively producing and disseminating excellent content on a routine basis can prove to be a valuable asset. The approach may require practice, and expert knowledge can certainly be leveraged. You understand your message, and by offering value, targeting your listeners and leveraging data, you can bring it to your audience — one reader at a time.

3 amazing ways to attract more customers with targeted content marketing


If your content marketing fails to reach out to more customers, or if you can not achieve your content marketing goals to grow your business, it could be that all you need is target. When you make it targeted, you will have right direction to plan for your content efforts.

Keep in mind these 3 ways to make your dream come true with targeted content marketing:
  1. Crafting content that is valuable to existing and prospective customers.
  2. Target your audience on social channels.
  3. Use your analytics.

Antonio Huvirana - www.Upviral.net