Ultimate content marketing guides every beginner should know about

By Rich Homer Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Are you a content marketer? Are you striving to use your content effectively to reach out to prospects?

Nowadays, content has come to be the integrated part of every marketing campaign. However, not many marketers admit that they are really successful with it. Specially if you are a new soldier in this arene, you may need to know about content marketing guides to achieve the best results with your strategy.

Before you start, you will need to absorb the overall knowledge about content marketing. That’s what I’ll share will you in this article.

Let’s see ultimate content marketing guides every beginner should know about

1. What is content marketing?

Ultimate content marketing guides

Content marketing is about crafting content providing value to your prospective audience. And every piece of content will be included the intention of pushing customer to take action. This action contains every interaction with your brand that brings about profitability such as sharing content, subscribing, writing review and purchasing products.

Content marketing has become the critical part in every digital marketing campaign; it includes a host of many different topics and format and be produced to impact any stage of sales funnel.
As content marketing is being taken advantage of by many businesses, marketers are easy to get astray - they fall into the trap to prioritise volume over the quality and target of their output. Creating content strategy in place is necessary if you want your campaign to drive meaning ROI.

And you should keep this in my: content marketing is totally different from advertorial content. As “Content marketing is not about “what you sell”, it’s about “what you stand for” - said Joe Pulizzi – founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

2. How to build an effective content marketing strategy?

content marketing strategy

Crafting and distributing content without a strategy will make you astray and end up in getting frustrated and most importantly wasting time and money.

The followings are some tips for you to build an effective content strategy:

- Define your mission, goals and KPIs

One of the first steps to start your content strategy is to set out marketing mission. You’ll need to do a statement of who your audience is, how you’ll access them and what they’ll gain from your pieces of content.

Additionally, you’ll need to define your business goals, that’s what your business will get from your content. This may include boosting sales, increasing traffic, raising brand awareness, and so on.

Also, to evaluate whether your efforts are successful or not, you’ll need define specific key performance indicators (KPIs). This normally contains revenue targets, number of follower, and so on.

- Research your audience

Research your audience is an essential step in creating content strategy. If you want to market your brand to the right people through the right channels, you’ll need to understand your audience.

You can do this by many different ways including gathering demographic data through many platforms or collecting feedbacks from customers. A good new for you is that you’ll always have useful tools to do this.

- Plan your process

This is also an important step. Here are what you need to know:

  • - Who’s in charge of crafting content
  • - Who’s in charge of maintaining and updating content
  • - What resources you need for content creation
  • - What your publishing schedule is
  • - Who has final content approval
  • - What your content production workflow is

- Build a blog

Building a good blog will help you to have a hub for all your content efforts. This is an essential marketing tool, so if you don’t have one, start it. To make your blog work effectively, you’ll need some ideas for it. Here are what you may need: How-to guides, Tutorials, Industry news and insights, Checklists, Case studies, Interviews, Expert advice, Conduct a content audit, Do keyword research and craft content.

3. Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

Once you have created content and published it through social channels, you will have to work out if it can reach your goals and KPIs or not. That’s the reason why you need to conduct research and analysis.

There are 3 steps you should follow to get this done: Log what you have, and then assess whether it’s working and finally find content gaps.

You can find several useful tools to help you such as Screaming Frog or SEMRush. They are both useful tools for content audit.

4. Useful content marketing tactics

If you want to be a successful marketer with content marketing, you’ll have to know about the content tactics effectively market to your audience. There are some useful ones that you can apply:

  • - Guest blogging
  • - Gated content
  • - Content repurposing
  • - Content curation
  • - FOMO
  • - Urgency
  • - Geomarketing

5. Content marketing tool.

Content marketing tool

The research of CMI states that 92% of marketers need help with content marketing. This means that only 8% of marketers see that they are really successful. Fortunately, there are useful tools you can take advantage of for better campaign results including:

  • - OptinMonster: This is a marketing tool for you to get more followers by posting campaign at the right time. The tool will help your content be able to reach more audience and push them to take action.
  • - Audacity: This is exactly what you need to deal with postcards
  • - BuzzSumo: This is one of the favourite tools for tracking shares and trending content online.
  • - Feedly: This is an excellent tool tracking sites and topics you want to follow.
  • - Headline Analyzer: This tool is very useful for crafting headlines. It can help you to find out whether your topic is hot.
  • - MailChimp: The tool is very useful for email marketing with automation, email subject line testing, and a price tag of free for the first 2000 subscribers

And there are many tools that you can take advantage of such as WPForms, OutreachPlus, Boomerang, and Animaker.

6. Content marketing mistakes

There are some common mistakes among content marketers which prevent them from getting their content spread. They include:

  • - Not building a blog
  • - Failing to capitalize in traffic
  • - Creating the wrong offer
  • - Missing Lead Generation Opportunities
  • - Not focusing on SEO
  • - Choosing the wrong agency
  • - Thinking content marketing is a myth
  • - Being Too Promotional
  • - Not knowing the Audience
  • - Starting with the Product/service
  • - Ignoring keyword research
  • - Not having a plan
  • - Not paying attention to analysis

7. Final guide: How to manage your content

To have a successful content campaign, you’ll have to create current and relevant content. This mean that most of your content has a finite lifespan. When your content no longer drive traffic or attract customers, you will have to make changes to it. You will have to decide whether to renew, achieve or outright bin it. You will have to decide who is in charge of making decision and what the criteria you want to work with when you are dealing with content at the end of its lifespan. Additionally, you will have to define how regularly you intend to redevelop your strategy and who is to take ownership of both of it and your new campaigns.