12 best email blast tips for your email marketing strategy

By Rich Homer Sunday, February 3, 2019
In the age of digital, even with the appearance of many social media channels, emails still prove to be the effective tool for reaching out to potential customers. Therefore, if you are marketer who are striking to be successful with email marketing, you have to find the best way to send out your emails.

One of the way we have heard in recent days is email blast. But does it work? How can you do to take advantage of it? That’s what I’ll share in this article - the best email blast tips for achieving your email marketing goals.

12 best email blast tips for your email marketing strategy

1. Pay attention to quality, not quantity when it comes to list

Many marketers think that email marketing is only effective when they have a certain amount of contacts. In fact, that’s one of the most common misconception in email marketing. And that’s not true at all.

Email marketing can work effectively no matter how big your list size is, and even when what you have is just a handful of contacts, you can reach your goals if having the right strategy. This is because with emails, you don’t have to get someone’s time on the phone or in-person to tell them about you, otherwise, they can find you and read your information whenever they want. More particularly, for some contacts, emails can resonate better.

Make sure that your list of email contact contains people who have opted in or have strong relationship with you before. If you don’t have one, spend time on building a qualified list before you start your email marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity. Once you have “quality”, the only thing you have to do is create good content to send to them.

2. Commit to email marketing

If you send out the first emails and wait for the response to see if it is good or not before sending other emails, it’s not going to work. Just one response does not speak anything just like a tree can not present for a forest. In fact, before you start writing your emails, you have done many research to have your customers’ insights and create content that is relevant for them. This means that your emails “partly” suit for your customers. So don’t worry. Let wait for a period of time (a year has proven to be a reasonable amount of time). Your customers will not open your emails at the same time and the way they response to them differ from others. As a result, in order to increase the number of people opening your emails, you have to commit to delivering emails over a period of time.

3. Be consistent

Whether you plan to send emails to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even more often, you should develop a schedule, and then put creating and sending dates on a calendar and stick to it! By doing this, not only can you give yourself but also your customers motivation. After several time receiving your emails, they will begin to wait for them to come back. If you do not send continual emails, your customers will lose the motivation to read your emails. You should look at your schedule in a bigger picture, plan for what you would do when you can not send emails regularly or when there is some special events ahead.

4. Balance text and picture

An email with no image will stand no chance to be loved by recipients (except for particular cases in which marketers do extremely well at copy). However, if you include too many images, you will increase the likelihood your emails can be picked up by a spam filter. Additionally, image and text should work well together to draw people’s attention and make them read your message.

5. Create an “above the fold” call to action

If you are going to send an email blast that require the recipients to do something (such as contacting you, filling out a form or taking advantage of an offer), ensure that you make them stand out in your email. The call to action should appear right after people open their emails. If they have to scroll to find it, it’s not in the right place.

6. Embed hyperlinks

Embedding hyperlinks help CTAs become easy to execute. What is more, by doing this, your email blast software can track the email’s performance such as the number of recipients clicking the link, the offer working most productively

You can do A/B test call-to-action with various wording, or try using the same link several times in an email.

7. Use social media widgets

Email is one of the effective cheap way to reach out to your prospective customers, so do not waste any chance to get them interact with you. You can ask your recipients to follow you on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. Use widgets to help them easily access to these platform through a click.

Entice recipients to follow your social media is a perfect way to nurture relationship. Perhaps they are not ready to buy or use your products and services right away, they will choose a brand to engage with when they want.

8. Clean your list regularly

Even if you have a qualified email list, you still have to take care of it regularly. What your customers need and want change everyday and as a result, they can no longer care about you. Inactive users can report your emails as spam. Remember to remove such users to prevent your account from being blacklisted.

9. Track it

If you want to know if your emails are performing well and generate leads or not, you need to set up and analyze email marketing analytics. You can do this by setting up a tracked phone line, tracked links, or link to a tracked contact form of your sites.

10. Send yourself a test first

Here are the reason why you should do that:

  • You will see if your email has any formatting issues which need to be fixed before sending and avoid other mistakes.
  • You can evaluate yourself if your email is engaging or not by asking yourself question: “Would I read it, if I were the recipient?”

11. Keep your contact information prominently visible

Don’t make your customers have to search for your info. Make it clear by including an email signature. Not only does this help your customers easier to find you, but they also have the feeling that you are professional and trustworthy.

12. Always provide value

Potential customers find, read your emails and go through the journey you bring about because they get benefits for themselves. Make sure that you provide the value that they are finding and keep them engaged by provide them with value in every email blast.


If you want to find a cost-efficient way to interact, convert and communicate with your customers, the email blast is exactly what you need. Equipped with these above 12 tips and you will see amazing results in email marketing campaigns.

Antonio Huvirana - www.upviral.net