12 Content Marketing Ideas for Generation Z in 2020

By Rich Homer Friday, February 28, 2020
By 2020, the gen Z customer group is mainly in the 18-24 age group, a dynamic generation, who love experiences and great purchasing power. Because of the difference of ideology and purchasing behavior from the previous generation Y, content marketing in 2020 should be reserved for breakthrough ideas to reach this audience.

Here we go!

Generation Z

1. Develop content stories: 

Stories instagram and facebook are now attracting huge users, instead of just posting on the wall, brand channels should invest in specific content for this channel to attract more young customers. The standard size for photos / video stories is 1080 x 1920.

2. Producing videos that provide useful information: 

Instead of content that provides useful knowledge in photos (mostly in graphic format), we should "video" it to be more intuitive and vivid. This is quite easy, can use powerpoint or video software with built-in forms, even apps on the phone. (If need more details, I will say in another article)

3. Make landing page: 

Create a landing page, show all product information in an impressive, stylish, youthful manner, and put your landing page link into the sales ad as usual. You can close a sale with the easygoing customers right on the ad, and those who are more fastidious after viewing the landing page. GenZ customers like to experience, ready to do many operations before buying, so do not be afraid.

4. Personal experience content: 

By 2020, don't write generic product-style content, even if you write well and use every fancy language to praise the product. Focus on personal experience honestly. For example, content sharing personal experience with the product, then the footer post link to the landing page for purchase (above)

5. Content inspired "nostalgic": 

Inspiration about the previous generation is one of the prominent trends of genZ style in 2020, they like color film photo editing effects, locations with nostalgic decor, like listening the music has a sound of the previous decade and admires the beauty of the 90s beauties. They enjoy enjoying the "nostalgic" elements in the comfort of modern times. You can use film colors, retro style fonts, classic designs ... in the content creation process.

6. Short but "trendy": 

Young customers do not like to read a lot of words, they like the visual and vivid. It is sometimes more difficult to think of a title that is "trendy" than to write a long article, but that's what you need to do.

7. Content style of "Tinder": 

genZ is a superficial, lonely generation, lacking deep personal connection, so the exposure type "Tinder" has become a trend. Explained in detail, it is "appearance", "superficial", "new adventure", "experimental". That means your content has to be polished aesthetically, there's no need to have a deep meaning but the message needs to be intuitive, don't be afraid to try new content options ... to be able to "match" with genZ customers.

8. Pay special attention to Instagram: 

GenZ's main "operating area" is instagram instead of facebook, so it is necessary to take care of more instagram channels, think of many ideas to increase followers, because of the value / each follower of instagram is higher than the value / every like facebook.

9. Tik Tok test: 

Experience the production of product promotional videos in accordance with HOT trends / format of Tik Tok or book some "hot" Kols to help spread the brand to genZ group.

10. Production of extremely short commercials: 

The trend of producing advertising videos in the form of very short-time situations in China, short funny, touching, unexpected situations ... creating a interesting for customers, and insert product promotional messages.

11. Concerned about the aesthetics of the product: 

genZ is not a generation to worry about "food and clothes", in other words they do not buy the product with normal physical characteristics, they have needs Aesthetic, stylish, decorative in accordance with "personal" personality. So the products should focus on design, packaging so that it is more trendy, more energy, more emotional to attract the attention of young audiences.

12. Optimize the online shopping experience: 

genZ loves online shopping, basically the psychology of young people is less afraid of buying online than the previous generation, so set up the buying process. more professional online, optimize the online shopping experience better every day, maybe even more preferential when customers buy online.


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