5 effective video marketing strategies every marketer needs to know

By Rich Homer Thursday, May 2, 2019
It’s obvious that video marketing has a very important role in the success of the overall marketing campaign. Video marketing helps to attract prospective customers, nurture leads and convert leads to customers. However, not many marketers admit that they are really successful at video marketing. To be successful, they have to build effective strategies from the first stage to the last so as to ensure your videos can reach out to vast audience and bring about the highest ROI.

Well, what are the effective strategies to deal with videos in marketing? Let’s dive in to find out.

Effective video marketing strategies

1. Don’t miss out on YouTube

Along with Google, YouTube is among the two largest Web search engine of the world. This channel is also one of the best ways to improve social signals for SEO. therefore, this platform is the right place that you should invest in to promote your video content.

You can post many different types of video content on Youtube including:

  • Tutorial or Explainer Videos
  • Getting Started Videos
  • Product-Demo Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • How-to Videos
  • Webinars
  • Interview Videos of Industry Experts or Employees
  • Real-time Videos
  • Behind-the-scene Videos
  • Videos that give information about your company
  • Event videos of company

To be successful with YouTube, you should produce high-quality and attractive videos, regularly interact with your followers, share videos through other social channels so as to get more subscribers.

2. Take advantage of sponsored videos on social platforms.

Social platforms are a miracle place for businesses to attract prospective customers, raise brand awareness and drive traffic. Almost all of the brands have at least one social channel to promote for their product or service, which makes marketing efforts on social media become extremely competitive.

There are thousands of social posts exposed to users everyday, so the chance of your video content getting customers’ attention is very small. To improve this, you should take advantage of sponsored video to reach out to more customers.

With targeting features, you can find the right audience for showing the video. Make sure that your video is attractive, concise, relevant, offers value for audience and includes calls to action.

3. Send personalized short videos to your followers

Social media channels are not only used to post content about products or services, but they are also used to interact with the followers. Successful brands know how to take advantage of social media platforms to build the relationship with their customers.

Most of the brands engage with their followers by content in text format; however, some other brands send personalized short videos to their followers so as to gain more results.
With personalized videos, brands can easily build the connection with the viewers and make them remember the brand. Such videos help your followers feel that they are special and important to your brand. And as a result, they will love you and come back to you when finding a product or service.

4. Leverage user-generated videos

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – said Scott Cook.

You want to find the most effective way to market your business? User-generated content is exactly what you need. To push your followers to make their videos, you can hold a contest with valuable awards for the winners. Through user-generated videos, you can promote for your product or service.

Videos that are made by users can help to maintain the confidence of prospects. Therefore, your customers will become your brand advocates. According to research, videos works more effectively than text in influencing online customers.

One tactic for you is that you can ask your customers to send unboxing videos. This type of videos create a sense of anticipation amongst people who are watching the videos. Attractive unboxing videos create motivation for viewers to buy your products so as to have the same experience.

5. Cash on Instagram stories and Snapchat stories

Instagram and Snapchat are popular social platforms that are very friendly with brands. Many brands have taken advantage of many useful features to attract customers including ‘Stories’ feature.

With this feature, you can post a 10-second video in front of your target audience to increase sales. These videos will just appear on people’s news feed for 24 hours and are not equipped with like or share button.

Interestingly, users like to watch stories more than regular Instagram or Snapchat posts. That’s the reason why many marketers want to use this feature to boost their flash sales. You can choose whether to link to your site or not depending on your audience size.

To be successful, try to post strong attractive short videos on Instagram and Snapchat and provide a relevant link at the end of them to push your prospects to take action.