7 affordable video marketing strategy for startups

By Rich Homer Friday, March 15, 2019
Starting a startup is great, but it’s always not easy. Everything you do including marketing plan from the start will decide whether it is successful or not.

Nowadays, videos have become an integrated part of overall marketing campaigns. They are also an effective way for start-up businesses to build brand identity and reach out to vast audience.

Well, how to succeed with online videos as a startup? Here are 7 affordable video marketing strategy for you:

7 affordable video marketing strategy for startups

1. Video creation

Several years ago, creating a new video to advertise for a product or service is a difficult task. You will have to take many steps from finding a scriptwriter, get the storyboard done, get the right actors, find crew to shoot to final editing it. All of this will take you a lot of time as well as money.

However, with the revolution of technology, you now don’t have to spend a lakh to create a video, there are many tools and video services out there for you to get this done at from $100 and for about a week.

Moreover, if you want to save more money on commissioning videos, you can take advantage of amazing video software using your smart phones including Animoto, Powtoon, and so on. Videos marketing has been an integrated part in every successful marketing campaign of startup business, so is there anything better than doing it free?

2. Finding video content creators

You can get this done by searching on video platforms like YouTube and Vine, there are many video content creators there for you to do scripting and storyboarding at a lower cost and in faster turnaround time. Moreover, such creators can also find actors help you to edit your videos. And all you need to do is to promote and market the videos on relevant channels. Sometimes the channels of creators are good enough and when they post videos on their own channel, their followers will be likely to react to the videos more.
If you are wondering how to find the right video creator? Don’t worry, there are many useful tools out there to help you with this like Vidooly’s Creator Wizard.

3. Video distribution

After the video has been finished, you need to find the right distribution channels to post it. Find the channels that are relevant to your content and are followed by your target audience, put them in a shortlist and post your video on them. YouTube, Facebook and Vine are among the most popular video platform that you can choose from. Besides, if you are running media agency or a production house, Dailymotion and Vimeo can be effective for you.

When your video is good enough, it will bring about organic reach, which means that when you don’t even have to promote or market, the video still catch everybody’s eyes. Of course if you have budget, you can run ads to push the video’s performance. In recent days, Youtube and Facebook has become the best channels to post video for businesses.

4. Video optimisation and marketing

After finishing uploading your video on relevant channels, the thing you need to do is to optimise it so as to help it reach the maximum audience. For instance, if you upload your video on Youtube, follow the best practices to make sure that your video not only reaches a lot of people, but it also reaches the right people. Tips for you are to use annotations and cards in relevant places so as to divert video viewers to your website. More importantly, you need to use the right keywords in video title and use the best tags to boost the search volume.

In addition to organic reach, you can spend money on advertising to get more paid reach through channels like Youtube and Facebook. When compared to other platforms like websites or blogs, video ads on Youtube and Facebook can be run on relatively lower CPMs.

5. Taking advantage of live video streaming

Live video streaming is the perfect way to promote new product and service. It helps startups to engage audiences and built their own community. If your startup has a new product or service or new event coming up, it’s easy to build excitement among audience by telling them that there will be a live stream on your channels.

Your followers will have a great chance to post questions to experts, or see live interviews of the founders in which they explain the journey of the business from start to now. All of these are powerful types of video content that can draw people’s attention.

Moreover, these days, live streaming on Facebook is prioritized as every live streaming video has its notification on followers’ walls, which telling followers that the fanpage they follow is live streaming.

The best part of live video streaming is that you do not have to pay a cent for such effective powerful videos, so try to add live streaming video to as many relevant top rated social media platforms as you can.

6. User-generated content

According to research, in top 100 videos on YouTube, Facebook and Vine, there are 30 percentages of Youtube videos, 50 percentages of Facebook videos and 17 percentages of Vine videos are user generated. The number shows that consumers are likely to be attracted to content made by their peers rather than clever advertisement of marketers.

Using user-generated content, you can build trust among prospective customers. Therefore, you can have current user or customer featured in your video to review your product or service, other customers will be more inclined to buy them as they believe their friends and peers.

Conducting a thorough research of all of the popular video platforms will help you to find the right video content creator. He or she must be creating content related to your brand and his or her followers are almost the same as your prospects.

7. Don’t miss out on Facebook video

Don’t ever miss out on one of the most popular video distribution that can help you reach out to millions of audience: Facebook. Here are 2 main ways that you can post your video on Facebook: the first way is sharing the link from other platforms like Youtube or website, etc, and the second way is uploading it directly on Facebook. Uploading the video will help it stay in the video content library on your fanpage.

A natively uploaded video on Facebook will have more chance to be seen by target audience because of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, which are placing much weightage on videos now.

Here are some video strategy you can apply to get better results on Facebook:

  • The major length of video on Facebook are between 15 and 50 seconds
  • when it comes to thumbnail, Facebook has 20 percentages text rule, which make it harder than Youtube to create the right thumbnail. So try to use little text in the thumbnail.
  • Don’t rely too much on audio. Since natively uploaded videos on Facebook play automatically whenever users come across them on their news feed, the vides can deliver brand’s message without sound.
  • Add a call to action whenever you can.


As more and more brands are taking advantage of online video to get more potential customers, your brand should have smart strategy to ride the wave. The simplicity of creating and accessing an online video has made it easier for start-up businesses to raise brand awareness and get more prospects. So if you are marketers who striking to use video as a part of marketing campaign for growing a startup, equipped with these above 7 strategy and you will see incredible results.

Antonio Huvirana - www.upviral.net