8 bulk email marketing services for every business

By Rich Homer Friday, February 15, 2019
Email marketing is among the easiest and cheapest way to communicate with potential customers. A good email marketing campaign can help expand the business worldwide.

Are you going to run email marketing campaigns in order to target audience in bulk and don’t know how to start? Let’s dive in to choose the right bulk email marketing service for your business

8 bulk email marketing services for every business

1. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is one of the best email marketing tool for bulk emailing that you can rely on. The tool allows you to send millions of emails at a time to your customers.

MailGet Bolt also provides you with facility to track emails performance such as unsubscribes, open rate, clicks on links and so on. Gathering all of these information will help you to see if your emails are doing well and know if it need improving in terms of emails quality and sending methods.

Especially, MailGet Bolt offers 9,000 emails for free. You can snatch this offer and start to conduct your free bulk email campaigns.

Here are some features MailGet Bolt that you can take advantage of:

  • The tool allows you to stunning emails with the drag and drop email builder
  • Emails you send can automatically get triggered on a pre-set schedule time.
  • Using the tool, you can conduct tracking and user analysis of your campaigns.
  • It allows you to clean email list so as to remove inactive emails from email list.
  • You can easily create personalized emails and send them to your customers
  • With bulk contact import facility, you can get many contacts from .CSV files into your email account with no difficulty

2. MailGet

With MailGet, sending emails in bulk has become so easy. The tool allows you to send out millions of emails at an extremely affordable cost.

You can integrate with Amazon SES and send emails at the cost of $1 per 10,000 emails sent. Moreover, MailGet allows you to connect to multiple SMTP, which helps you to have better email deliverability as well as higher open rates.

Particularly, MailGet offers over 500 free email templates on many different niches with which you can customize your emails and run your email campaigns.

Followings are the outstanding features of MailGet:

  • This tool allows you to import email contacts, freshen-up your email list, and segment them accordingly
  • You can keep track of your email performance with MailGet’s tracking feature
  • This tool can be integrated with multiple SMTPs
  • With the features of drip emailing and autoresponder, you can get your emails personalized, scheduled and reach to the inboxes at the right time

3. SendinBlue

No matter you are running a small business or larger one, SendinBlue is the another most suitable bulk email tool for you to promote your products by sending bulk emails. With its powerful features, you can easily create stunning emails, manage your contact list, track email performance in real time, an so on. Whatever you need to do with a bulk email marketing campaign, you can do with SendinBlue.

Advanced attributes of the bulk email marketing service - SendinBlue includes:

  • Resend emails to whom does not open them using Auto Resend feature.
  • Allows you to generate leads and develop business by designing SignUp form for your website
  • Using useful features of this bulk email marketing service, you can track a variety of metrics including opens and clicks to see if your email marketing campaigns are effective.
  • Offer Autoresponder feature which helps you to schedule welcome emails, birthday messages and ensure they are sent at the right time.

4. SendPulse

With SendPulse, you can instantly get access to vast subscribers. Also, this bulk email service allows you to analyze the results as well as segment your list of email contacts. You can use its features to get detailed reports and stats of emails that has been sent, as well as have a different kind of mailings with just a single software.

The followings are main features of SendPulse, a mass online email marketing software:

  • This software provides you with many pre-designed email templates and all of them are free.
  • SendPulse offers reliable SMTP that allows simple integration for sending out marketing and transactional emails.
  • This software let you create personalized emails with drag and drop email builder

5. Autopilot

Autoplot is one of the popular mass mailing platforms that you can count on. This platform allows you to send email to about five hundred thousands contact and even more. Additionally, Autopilot allows you to sync essential information easily using popular CRMs such as Salesforce and Pipedrive.

With the drag and drop email builder feature, anybody with no coding ability can create personalizing emails as well as mobile optimized templates.

Here are some outstanding features of this mass mailing software:

  • It allows you to integrate many sites with the service.
  • You can track any metrics in regard to email performance in real-time
  • It help you to generate leads and develop your list automatically
  • With this software, you can easily import contacts, organize them as well as do list segmentation.

6. Pure360

This is a bulk email platform that is used by thousands of big brands all over the world. Pure360 enables you to easily create custom emails without requiring any technical knowledge. Pure360 is a flexible system that provides you with many interesting features.

Main features of Pure360 include:

  • It helps to develop your list of contacts by 20% and increase user engagement
  • You can easily integrate it with other platforms including Google Analytics, Magneto and so on.
  • The company offer very dedicated customer support
  • You can use this platform to clean out the bad emails from the contact list.

7. WhatCounts

WhatCounts is a perfect tool for bulk email marketing for businesses of all size. The tool provides you with various social sharing options, responsive and beautiful email templates, opt-in as well as opt-out forms for generating leads and much more.

There are many features of WhatCount that you can take advantage of including:

  • The software allows you to easily monitor the email deliverability
  • You can automate your email marketing through sending automated anniversary emails, birthday emails, triggered emails, and so on.
  • With tracking feature of WhatCount, you can measure the results of your email marketing efforts through metrics of opens, clicks and many more.

8. NewsWeaver

If you want a sophisticated program to deal with email marketing with which you can perform many activities to be successful, NewsWeaver may be what you need. This platform allows you to create and send effective emails and drive traffic to your websites. You can also have reports of your campaign and see if you are doing well or not to improve your email marketing strategy if needed.

Here are some major features of NewsWeaver:

  • This software provides you with appealing newsletters to help you drive more traffic to your website
  • NewsWeaver helps you to boost conversion with segmentation
  • You can increase the number of people reached with social sharing
  • This software offers advanced personalization

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