Video Marketing: How to Develop a brand on TikTok?

By Rich Homer Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Continuing to share on the topic of marketing for generation Z (GenZ), in addition to Instagram channel, Tiktok is also GenZ's favorite social networking platform with rapid user development.

The recent heat of Tiktok is undeniable, which is why many people have recommended me to write on this topic. After a long enough time to learn, play tiktok regularly and advise a number of partners, I have drawn 5 basic ways to develop a brand on Tiktok.

TikTok Marketing


Tiktok has a special feature that allows users to create video content and express themselves through a toolkit: background music, effects, stickers, ... especially updating hot video creation themes, hashtags. Highlights and new challenges are being promoted. So you can easily create videos according to any hot trend you want, of course, proactively insert advertising products into the video.
The more you put in hot hashtags or shoot videos that follow Tiktok's trend challenge will make the video viral naturally, and can have a huge amount of access if the content is really unique.

If you want to refer, search the account on Tiktok. This brand is doing great!


"Hot Tiktok" or the Tiktok Kols are young people with Tiktok accounts with high followers because of the hot videos that you created earlier. These young people are mainly in the GenZ audience group, understand Tiktok very well and are familiar with content creation.

So instead of tinkering with yourself or being afraid to "broadcast", you can "hire" these Tiktok KOLs to produce product promotional videos, showrooms, shops, restaurants ... to perform challenges ...

Similar to the method in section 1, the video update following hot trends / music / challenges will help the brand / product have a large coverage.


This section is for "conditional" businesses. Instead of follows following hot trends and easily blending into the hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every day, creating a separate hashtag or separate motiongen is also a possible idea.

Tiktok videos are limited to about 15 seconds, so brands can create a special music, song ... especially limited to about 15 seconds. The music can be new creative or sung on the beat hot platform (of course need to buy the copyright), then you can use both #1 & #2 above to create a large number of videos posted on Tiktok with the same hashtag.

This activity should be carried out by Agency partner of Tiktok in Vietnam to have the most effective plan.

Case study: My Viettel app "Viettel ++" has been very successful!


The above ways I towards the brand will directly promote the product, my identity on Video Tiktok, and the plan to create an entertainment channel on Tiktok is similar to creating a Entertainment Fanpage on Facebook, you can vietsub the Chinese, Japanese Tiktok videos, collage of hot videos ... highly entertaining to attract Follower to their Tiktok channel.

Then you can insert promotional videos, attach sales links, brand logos ... or any commercial activities that you want to Tiktok account with high Follower turn!


With the activity of running ads directly on Tiktok, my information is limited, now only see businesses that will market 0đ with hot videos as the above ways, or will buy ads through the Agency.

There are 2 types of ad appearance formats:
  • - When users open the application
  • - When users surf to watch Videos

And 4 forms of advertising display:
  • - Shown when opening the app (First View Take Over)
  • - Random display (Regular Take Over)
  • - Displaying a day (One Day Max - In Feed Ads)
  • - Show often (Brand Premium - In Feed Ads)

You can contact the Agency partners of Tiktok for specific advice on how to buy ads.


Thanks for reading, please share it if you find this article useful!

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