How to Push your video Go Viral on social networks? (Video Marketing)

By Rich Homer Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Whether you are a person who does not know anything about "digital marketing", or is a veteran expert, you should read this article. This is the easiest way to make your videos increase views quickly. Even accidentally, it can become a viral video on social networks without losing a penny.

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The main contents
#1. The great benefits of a viral video
#2. 8 commonly used viral concepts
#3. How to make your video go viral on social networks? (7 steps)

Video Marketing - How to make a video Go Viral

#1. The great benefits of a viral video

On a beautiful day, you suddenly realize that your "yesterday's new video" garnered millions of views, thousands of share comments, and your images appeared in all major newspapers. You will feel "wonderful" and extremely excited right?

That is the benefit of a viral video. You do not have to spend 1 cent of marketing cost, but your video has become famous and is known by a lot of people.

Do you know Bà Tân Vlog (Madame Tan Vlog)?

Ba Tan Vlog - Madame Tan Vlog

It is a phenomenon that caused internet storms in Vietnam in 2019, with many records being set. Youtube channel of "Madame Tan Vlog" is one of the three channels with the fastest number of subcribers in the world, it reached 1 million sub in ... 20 days.

She is famous for making "super huge" food videos, which make the online community very interested, especially young people.

Currently, Madame Tan's channel has more than 3.6 million sub, and every newly released video has millions of views in just a few hours.

It's admirable, isn't it?

You can also create videos with millions of views like that, if you dare to spend 3 to 5 minutes reading carefully, I promise.

Let's keep going!

#2. 8 commonly used viral concepts

After a long time of research and practical experience, I have selected the 8 commonly used viral concepts below:

  • (1) - Funny: humor, novelty, interesting
  • (2) - Social sympathy: touching clips, full of love
  • (3) - Strange phenomenon, refreshing way
  • (4) - Imitate the trend, or create a trend
  • (5) - There is the appearance of celebrities, KOLs
  • (6) - Controversial issues
  • (7) - Compare
  • (8) - Challenge (Eg: Ice Bucket Challenge, TikTok Dance Challenge,... )

Using just one of the concepts above, you can make a viral video.

However, you can also combine them to make videos more engaging and interesting. Choose the concepts that best fit your goals!

* Example of a combined concept: "Celebrity + trending + funny" = "GHEN COVY"
  • + Celebrity: QUANG ĐĂNG, KHẮC HƯNG x MIN x ERIK, MC John Oliver (Last Week Tonight - HBO),...
  • + Trending: Preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • + Funny: Hand washing dance

The song "Ghen Covy" and Quang Dang's hand washing dance spread around the world in early March. You can click to see some videos that have been selected from the playlist below.

"Ghen covy" - Push back the virus Corona, Corona...

In addition, you can search by hashtag #GhenCovyChallenge on Tiktok app to watch and get more viral video ideas by 2020.

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#3. How to Push your video Go Viral on social networks? (Video Marketing)

If you want your daily sharing videos to receive more views, more interaction, choose the appropriate concept above and follow from Step 4 to Step 7.

And if you want a true "viral video marketing", spread faster and stronger, please refer to the full 7 steps below:

- Step 1: Analyze audience insight of potential customers you want to target

- Step 2: Scripted content, video production planning

- Step 3: 3 2 1... Action! Start recording.

- Step 4: Video editing:

  • + Skillfully integrate products and services into video.
  • + Cut out redundant content, not attractive,...
  • + Add text / subtitles to the video if you want.

    Most social networks today have an "auto play" feature that lets users preview without sound
    => The subtitle that appears at the beginning of the video will be the "main key", which is responsible for attracting users to click and watch your video.

  • + Add a call to action if you want to at the end of the video (depending on the concept, depending on the purpose that you should consider whether to include CTA or not)

- Step 5: Choose "golden time" and upload your video to social media sites (Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube,...)

Golden moment is the time when your potential audience is most online. Analyze and find out the time frame

  • - Don't forget to Write a catchy title for your video, and an interesting description / caption
  • - Hashtag is extremely important. Don't forget to include hashtags related to the subject of the video and include your own hashtag, so people can easily find your video.

- Step 6: Share your videos on channels, groups, fanpage with a large number of followers.

  • + If you own one of these channels, great, use them.
  • + If not, you can find and rent a few posts of well-interacting fanpage, which contains many of your potential audience.
  • + If you don't own big channels and don't have the financial resources to rent?

    No problem, you can ask friends and relatives to help. That's pretty awesome!

* Tips: This approach will help your video go viral faster and stronger!

"The first 24 hours after your video is posted, do everything to make your video reach as many people as possible."
- That is the key to success!

- Step 7: Measure, navigate interactively, respond to all comments.

This small factor will also contribute to make your videos recognized by the algorithm of the social networks as well, and from there, videos are easily proposed to be displayed to users more.

* Note:
Each social networking platform will have a different video format and size. Therefore, you should produce videos to suit each channel, optimize them so that you can post to all.

Wishing you lots of viral videos! Boom boom boom ...!

Above is a quick share article based on my personal experiences. If you have any unclear areas, or would like to discuss more on this topic, please leave a comment!

Thank you for reading!

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